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How can I improve my essay-writing in English?
GikTG Posted: Fri May 10 02:52:07 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  How can I improve my essay-writing in English?

TomFG Posted: Fri May 10 02:57:12 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  You have asked a very good question.

Writing essays is an acquired skill when it is based on select poems , prose extracts or plays of eminent writers.

You study your portion very well , do a lot of research on that and organize your essay in such a way that the essay leads you to its natural conclusion and this would be based on the question asked. For example if you have to write a character sketch of Shylock or a comparison between two poems all that you need is indepth knowledge and analysis of those texts.This is relatively easier.You would have model essays too.

On the other hand writing general essays is a really difficult task. Your reading must be all encompassing.Only then your essay would stand out. Nevertheless, reading as much as you can would help once you know your general topic.

One important thing is that your answer needs to be original.Make sure your introductory passage is arresting.There must be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.Clumsy constructions and longwinded sentences are a drawback.’Brevity is the soul of wit.

If you have problems with writing an essay, you can always contact the writing center Here your work will be edited, checked or written for you if necessary.

Makest1978 Posted: Sat Dec 7 04:49:26 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There are some of the good tips are available which can provide anyone for getting the best english options.Most of the students want to improve the writing with the help of site which provide the best option for the improvement easily.

StGoldie Posted: Thu Dec 26 15:50:08 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Write and read, write and read. The more you do the better your essays become. Also, you can choose any assignment writing service and order examples of high-quality works in order to learn by them. But read reviews first.

LisaDScott Posted: Fri Jan 10 13:01:34 2020 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Writing an essay is not an easy task one can perform. Its a complicated and time-consuming process. One has to aware of all the things you want to write in your essay. If you want to improve your essay writing my advice is to read lots of text and then try to write it down it your own wordings. Definitely it will work for you. Not everyone is interested in writing essays and students do not have time to complete their assignments. For the best platform where they can find a solution for their problem is Here they can find the essay on each and every topic and they do not need to worry about the content. I have my best experience by using this website.

agnesstausti Posted: Wed Jan 22 12:25:03 2020 Post | Quote in Reply  
  This is actually a pretty common problem among ESL students, so I assume that you're not a native speaker of English. And that's fine! I think anyone can learn a language if they truly want to. You can improve your essay writing skills by reading essay writing blogs, you can find lots of them these days. This site helped me to become a better writer and express my thoughts with ease, hope it will help you too.


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