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other companies do that
caicai2017 Posted: Wed May 15 04:20:21 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh, man. My mom is so awesome. Every single time I talk to her, she's asking me when she's going to be able to meet LeBron. She desperately wants to meet LeBron. Literally, every time. But after that show, Whoopi Goldberg was actually a huge topic of conversation. My mom had a similar reaction to you, which is, "Wait, John, how did that happen?"
It's like, "Mom, genuinely, I don't know. I hope she's a fan." The other thing that was really strange...not strange, but cool: Lindsay Lohan's mom was at the show. She came backstage and introduced herself. She was there with Lindsay Lohan's brother.
You mentioned you were up on Saturday at 5:00 a.m., to see if the Air Force 1 was going to sell out. Are <a href="" title="Adidas Ultra Boost Damen">Adidas Ultra Boost Damen</a> you going to do the same for the Vandal?
Yeah, definitely. <a href="" title="Adidas ZX 750 Femme">Adidas ZX 750 Femme</a> The Vandal for me is one of those things where I don't worry about it as much because it's so wearable that I'm almost like, if it sells out, amazing. If it doesn't sell out immediately, then that's fine too because I want the right people to have the opportunity to wear this because, to me, this shoe is not so much about resale value.It's more about having it in your wardrobe as a Swiss army knife. It's a problem-solver, and it shouldn't necessarily be something that is resold on the secondary market.
Selling a shoe that people are actually going to wear is actually a revolutionary concept in 2018.
It's not a gimmick. This shoe is for you to wear and for you to look really, really fucking good in.On the internet, the <a href="" title="Nike Air Vapormax Dames">Nike Air Vapormax Dames</a> counterpart to a ¡°hypebeast,¡± a guy who gets excited to spend money on the latest clothes and shoes from the most <a href="" title="Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose">Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose</a> hyped-up designers and celebrities, has been ¡°hypebae.¡± It¡¯s not a compliment: It refers to a girl who dates a hypebeast and wears his clothes. The women¡¯s version of the publication Hypebeast is called Hypebae (it launched just two years ago), but the active users in the women¡¯s streetwear subreddits rarely use the term.
There¡¯s some concern that Nike¡¯s pivot is similar ¡ª expansion via condescension. Reddit user jetejypsy, who did not want to be referred to by name, is active in the major women¡¯s streetwear subreddits and tells Vox that she appreciates expanded size options for sneakers but doesn¡¯t love the other elements of the Unlaced project. They¡¯re what you¡¯d expect from a brand trying to cater to the trope of a <a href="" title="Adidas Arkyn Mujer">Adidas Arkyn Mujer</a> lady shopper: vaguely referenced ¡°special packaging¡± <a href="" title="Adidas NMD Femme">Adidas NMD Femme</a> and ¡°one-on-one appointments¡± with guest stylists in stores.<a href="" title="Adidas NMD Damen">Adidas NMD Damen</a>
¡°It makes streetwear culture approachable for [women who want] their skinny jeans, flannel, a [pumpkin spice latte], and some kicks. I think this service was made for them, not women already in streetwear, and that makes sense because at the end of the day, there¡¯s more of them and Nike wants their money.¡±She wishes sneaker culture weren¡¯t so oriented around men¡¯s fashion, leaving her without many resources for figuring out how to style her shoes with full outfits. But she doesn¡¯t see Unlaced as much of a solution. ¡°By adding the extended sizes, it¡¯s like Nike is saying ¡®doesn¡¯t matter your gender, we can all rock dope kicks!¡¯ But the rest of the features are kinda saying ¡®females are different and they have different <a href="" title="Nike Air Max 2016 Femme">Nike Air Max 2016 Femme</a> shopping needs and we need to treat them different and <a href="" title="Nike Air Max 90 Donne Rosa">Nike Air Max 90 Donne Rosa</a>special¡¯ and I don¡¯t like that. I don¡¯t want to see other companies do that.¡±


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