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You play with Fortnite Mobile on iPhone XS
chenyuhanyouxia Posted: Fri May 24 03:35:58 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  "Based on discussions with Epic Games, last year's iPhone X can - in theory - operate Fortnite at 60 frames per second," the report reads. "According to the programmer, per-frame making times change between eight to 16ms. In more complex scenarios it could be tight, but that's fast enough to strike 60 frames per second for nearly all the game's duration. However, the truth is that running the last-gen A11 Bionic flat-out would encircle the device, resulting in reduced CPU and GPU clocks, severely impacted performance and highly compromised battery life. Epic's solution is straightforward then - lock to 30fps and in the process give the apparatus the thermal headroom to stay cool enough to operate at peak frequencies."

Following the announcement of Fortnite Team Rumble LTM via the Fortnite 6.31 upgrade, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Mobile on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR currently runs at 60fps. What this means is, if you play with Fortnite Mobile on iPhone XS, XS Max, or even XR, then you'll have the greatest possible frame rate Fortnite has to offer on cellular devices. While this performance update didn't make it into the Fortnite 6.31 update patch notes, Epic Games workers took to Twitter to affirm the news.

"Not certain why it didn't make it in to the patch notes, but if you play with Fortnite in an iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, now you can play at 60fps," tweeted Epic's Nick Chester. "That is an impressive technical achievement by the group and it looks excellent! Switch it in the choices. "Naturally some wondered why recent devices like the iPhone X has not obtained the 60fps alternative. Chester did not really rule out it in the time.

"Performance is constrained by hardware, and the devices listed and stronger than the X," he tweeted. "That said, the staff is constantly looking at ways to get better performance on all devices each the time! "While it is unlikely that the iPhone X will observe 60fps support in light of the Digital Foundry report, it will be interesting to see when and if Android apparatus get the similar attribute, allowing for silky smooth gameplay.The 14 Days of Fortnite proceeds on with Day 8, which strangely has Fortnite: Battle Royale players dancing near vacation trees two days following Christmas.The Day 9 challenge unlocked Thursday morning along with the Week 4 challenges, and the latest challenge is just as merry as the fly through five golden rings and the search waterside goose nests challenges.

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casseverhart13 Posted: Wed May 29 01:26:46 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
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