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MMOGO wow classic gold
greenmansp Posted: Tue May 28 02:14:19 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  MMOGO wow classic gold - I wouldn't call people out for playing on a PVE server and playing a PVE server, since some folks just like playing with the AH and collecting herbs will permit those kind of people the luxury. Having PvP servers will have the whining of these pver and find these QOL adjustments. Hell let there be RP servers too... let those people today roll play with one another. That's what made WoW Classic so great... the ability to perform what you desired. To what everyone else is doing, not be pigeon holed.

Until I just saw you phoning pve players pussies I respected your answer. I play just myself and am a hardcore, dedicated, raider. I do a good deal of pvp battleground myself when I'm playing a WoW Classic server that is private. I can tell by your attitude you likely think you're really cool for playing on a pvp server or something and makes you better Get your head out your ass and quit talking about what other people are doing... despise seeing negative people just like you.

Everything in this post is defending PVE servers because I have an opinion and you rage on me? You're the one that must pull on your head from your bum. I have a right to an opinion, since that's my view just as that I will call people on RP servers weirdos. Actually. If I telephone them weirdos, I am not calling the people on RP servers bad raiders and poor PvPers. Its only my OPINION. No I dont think I'm cool because I play on a pvp server (closed minded of you to believe that also ), and occasionally I do wish I play on pve servers as sometimes I just wish to farm my stuff, and not be ganked. I do apologize if you offended.

Yeah re the talent builds. If you watch a lot of the guides that are min-max, they dismiss certain abilities altogether because such as they're'situational' . If you're not out to juice absolute best for your character then you can do anything you want, choose whatever role and playstyle you prefer. I like am about the immersion: personality and world. Additionally gotta try dwarf (hunter - pew pew) for your race fantasy. And also an Elf Druid main again just because Teldrassil is so amazing (which has a feel like a pve server anyway). Horde possess cities, except undead, that got ta be perfect for warlocks, priests and rogues, also also have an amazing start zone. Like eating corpses can help fill ability or course deficiencies am sure racials. Not all just about usefulness for raid groups etc..Exactly, which is why carrying dps fight and a patchwerk stand is for trying to calculate average dps for a course in the Naxx tier a horrible idea, wouldnt you agree? Bosses arent goal dummies. If you want to observe a courses average dps to get Naxx 40, it is possible to check for all classes in real parses of complete clears. However, this movie is a bad case. Imagine someone telling you your Fury warriors dps was crap as they are taking a Patchwerk Parse and comparing it to a Heigan fight in your fury warrior in which you have a great deal of forced time OFF of the boss during the dance.... That's what this movie is performing. In reality no Hunters likely to have this uptime and scenario in most of Naxx boss struggles.

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