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online shopping experience in Pakistan
sundasjee Posted: Sat Jun 22 13:50:10 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  /hello readers how are you today ?
today i am going to ask you a question that we have different vendors in our country main city .
we usually buy products on daily basis we have a huge list of our vendors in which they are <a href="">replica shoes </a> seller . <a href="">smart watch </a> and one more is Hello guys how are you today. Let me tell you that I will discuss about online shopping experience in Pakistan. So it was around 2010 when the trend of online shopping in Pakistan was increasing. M people started buying products online there was no any big platform in Pakistan but there was a big name which is daraz.Pk. And and many more. The both of these platforms for providing facilities to different shop owners to display their products on their website so that they will get orders from different buyers of Pakistan. So you can say that camo and daraz.Pk was the two name player who introduced online shopping in Pakistan before that there was no search big platform who encourage people to buy things online rather than to go physically and buy brother product physically from stores near their home moreover there are many types of products in which you are unable to find them . Because they are these types of products are not very easy to find in nearest Store. That particular product can only be found by sale markets in every City. Shopping websites online shopping platforms helps people to buy and search many type of products of different categories like electronics home appliances , kitchen items, fitness items, , babies toys, different type of under garment items and there is a huge range of products which you can buy from online shopping platforms and websites. this trend for buying products online is increasing in Pakistan day by day. And people also face so many buying items online from <a href="> online shopping website </a>. The main issue people face is there they receive totally different items What the order from online websites. In that scenario offers 7 days replacement warranty but people are daily routine the even go outside for buying the product by they go outside to give back this product to go your company fund money or replacement of that item . That's why people get frustrated and they said buying online items is totally waste of time and money. I just suggest who is working in e commerce market in Pakistan you guys should focus on the product quality as well as you guys must focus to provide 100% genuine item appropriate sizes and appropriate product which customer order on your portal. If all of us will vision and passion to provide cheese with best products then you can't even imagine that will the physical stores and they will started buying products online and this trend will exponentially exponentially growbest bluetooth speaker </a> seller but the thing is they all are on different and far locations from each other i want to know how we can handle to get the items on daily basis from these different far locations?


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