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How to set up Xero Authenticator?
xeroheilplinenu Posted: Mon Jul 8 01:00:58 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Before you begin the setup process for Xero Authenticator, you will need to install the authenticator app on your device. Once the app is installed, you can follow the steps given below to complete the setup process for Xero Authenticator:
•Step 1: Sign in to Xero, go to ‘Two-step authentication’ and click ‘Setup.’
•Step 2: Open the authenticator app and click the option to add an account.
•Step 3: Scan the barcode in Xero or manually enter the account and key.
•Step 4: Enter the code in Xero and press ‘Next’ to continue.
•Step 5: Select the security questions you want and type the answers in the fields provided.
If you encounter any error while completing the authenticator process, you can call the<a href="">xero helpline number</a>
and ask for additional assistance.

Read More: <a href="">xero support number</a>

Visit Here: <a href="">xero phone number</a>


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