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No matter our stance is osrs gold
ningling2016 Posted: Sat Aug 3 23:15:04 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  You introduced a zero tolerance approach to toxicity at the Siege community, this year. What's that system going?

The ban process is currently going strong and we feel about [url=]Buy Osrs gold[/url] the system. That system will be evolving too. The system means that any player which uses racial or homophobic slurs in our chat will automatically receive a ban today. After three bans you get banned. That is a very powerful stance from the match about how we want to deal with toxicity in the game and from Ubisoft. This attribute will evolve as we develop in the future, we plan to add systems to prevent those words so it is likely to be a bit more flexible showing up at all from the chat.

No matter our stance is super powerful against toxicity and this is something we are very enthusiastic about. There's no doubt about this. We have no regrets in regards to banning players.

We believe it's important more so in games that have very playerbases, in addition to the adversarial aspects of a game triggers some toxicity by character, it's something which you see in each PvP game. Having said that, you need to be [url=]Runescape gold[/url] strong. It's going to rise exponentially if you do not punish it.

Some players reckon have suggested that your approach impinges. How do you react to this?


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