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Palletization of Cardboard Packing Boxes?
alexsamuel Posted: Mon Aug 5 06:45:40 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Currently, most of our products are shipped in a cardboard box. The easiest way to group them for fast and efficient delivery is to put them on a plate. This process is called "palmitating." What precautions should be taken when stacking cartons on pallets?

1) Choosing the right palette.
It is very important to choose a tablet whose dimensions are in accordance with the size of the cardboard box. If you choose a smaller palette, the boxes will flow. Cardboard boxes will be removed from the floor of the palette if you choose to make a large selection. In both cases, there is a high risk that the boxes will move during transport and, therefore, damage to the goods in them. In fact, excessive filling or excessive removal of cartons against the pavement floor prevents the background support of the pallets between them, which destabilizes the load. Constantly wrapping with film does not compensate for this instability.

You also need to make sure the pallets used are dry and in good condition.

2) Adjust the cardboard box correctly.
Another important point is the placement of boxes in a palette. It is important to know how to distribute weight across the surface of the plot to avoid any incident. In addition, it is recommended to place heavy cardboard boxes at the bottom of the plate, and the lightest - the top. Make sure the top of the palette is flattened quickly and the box is not installed in the empty space.

When [url=]placing boxes[/url] on a tablet it is important not to leave space between them, otherwise there will be no background support during transportation. The result: the palette will be more solid, and all the boxes can collapse.

Finally, precautions should be taken. Pilatesers do not cause side or vertical effects on the palette, otherwise they can damage the cartons. Using full-face Pulitzer is not strongly recommended for background compression, as there is a great risk that it may crush the packaging.

Polypropylene plastic tape.

3) Place the carton in place.
To ensure the good service of cardboard boxes, you can use:

Distributor between each floor, to achieve good stability
Belts to tie and unify the entire range,
Corner to protect the edges of the cardboard,
Continuous film for the entire palette and harmony,
Cover the lid to protect the upper part of the palette from moisture and dust.
All of these accessories allow your shipments to safely reach the destination warehouse. This protection measure should not be ignored.

4) Explain how to handle a pallet with a customer.
It is very important to have the label on the pallet in addition to the ship's label so that the buyer understands how to handle it when they arrive at the warehouse. Storage and handling conditions should be clearly identified by the use of glasses such as pictures. To indicate that its product is fragile tapes or [url=]bubble roll[/url], or rain umbrella, to indicate that the product is moisture.


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