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WOW Classic online store
smoothMOOC2000 Posted: Thu Aug 15 21:31:01 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  WOW Classic online store

The World of Warcraft classic nostalgic role name reservation will open on August 13th (Tuesday) at 6am. It is reported that players with World of Warcraft game time can create up to three game characters for each account, and book their own character names before the World of Warcraft classic nostalgia service is opened on August 27th. The 60-level version has always been hailed as one of the most classic versions by Azeroth's Warriors, and World of Warcraft opened up an unprecedented 40-person team copy in online games! At that time, there were 40 people in the group, and there was an excellent match between each occupation. In the face of complicated BOSS, the commander also had to look at the six-way listening, and each of the 40 players was a small gear. Can not make mistakes in order to let the team this large machine successfully crushed BOSS.
    Now the classic version of World of Warcraft is now back online. We have prepared a lot of great items and currency for the players. If you want to improve quickly, you can go to [url=][/url] to buy your own currency of interest£º[url=]Classic WOW Gold[/url]. You will definitely find your own interests here. !


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