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Mutation most likely triggers Lactose intolerance
alexsamuel Posted: Fri Sep 13 01:09:24 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  People with lactose intolerance have reduced tolerability as an adult for lactose in milk and dairy products(Lactose). While this is still tolerated in children's years, the lactose-digesting enzyme , the lactase, is lost in adulthood. In January, a Finnish research group published its findings on the search for the causes of lactose intolerance (Enattah NS et al .: Nature Genetics, January 14, 2002, published online ahead of print).

Distribution in different groups of peoples
Lactose intolerance differs widely in different peoples: while it is a rare phenomenon in northern Europe, accounting for 5% of the population, almost all the inhabitants of Southeast Asia are affected, so it is less a disease than a genetic trait.

Lactose intolerance is genetically normal
The Finnish researchers analyzed the genetic information of nine Finnish families, in which lactose intolerance occurred, as well as those of hundreds of other subjects from around the world. It turned out that there are no mutations in the genome of the affected person (information section) for the lactase enzyme. However, one mutation was found in an area in front of this gene that all those affected had and thus seems to be responsible for the "disease".

The researchers showed that this mutation lies in a section that probably regulates whether the lactase enzyme is produced or not. While this section is functional for lactose intolerant, it is defective in people who tolerate lactose all their lives: perhaps nature has not intended that man should be able to consume milk all his life

Mutation probably due to evolution
This observation goes hand in hand with the researchers' calculations that this mutation should have originated in humans about ten to twelve thousand years ago. This is about the time when production and consumption of milk spread in Europe.

Apparently, the individuals who tolerated milk throughout their lives had an advantage over the lactose intolerant, so that northern Europe today is populated almost exclusively by milk-contracting people.

luisfred Posted: Fri Oct 25 00:24:08 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
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