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The Third-party Inspection and Expediting Service
qczoomen Posted: Mon Sep 16 01:36:44 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Process Supervision
Casting & Forging
To be certain that casting/forging process follow proven procedures
<a href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>Heat treatment</a>

To be sure that heat treatment is done properly for all parts, that no portion of the product is overlooked
Chemical Analysis & Mechanical Property Tests (and Non Destruction Test).To be certain that:
a) The tests are really carried out
b) Material certificates use actual test data
a) Check internal cleanliness prior to assembling
b) Check whether quantity, material and <a href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>statutory inspection</a> type of internal parts meet specification requirements
c) Check whether construction details of the assembled products comply with specific requirements of the customers, based on Customer's Technical Specification, and /or Customer Approved Drawing
Pressure Test

a) Evaluate whether vendor's pressure test procedure documents meet the standards or client's requirements

b) Ensure that the medium components of pressure test meet standard requirements

c) Ensure that the pressure test <a href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>equipment inspection</a> was calibrated

d) Ensure that the process of pressure test was in accordance with the procedure and standard

e) Check for leakage or calculate the leakage rate

f) Ensure that the duration of pressure test and pressure holding meets the standard requirements

Paint Application
a) Inspect pre-processing and surface condition prior to each paint layer application
b) Measure thickness of each layer applied paint
c) <a href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>Elbow Inspection</a>
d) Check protection on un-paint area
a) Check name-plates and, tags
b) Check whether protections on each product are according to order
c) Check whether sort and construction of packing box/case are in accordance to order
d) Check marking on wooden case
e) Check whether documents in wooden case are according to order
f) Final quantity check

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