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What is the Layout of a Developing Site & How to Improve
alexsamuel Posted: Wed Sep 25 05:12:43 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Design. Website design for customers is often the most important thing on the site. If the developer agreed on the design with the customer, we can say that the most difficult part of the approval path has been passed.
Correct site work. When the site is already up and running, it is important for the customer that there are no errors in his work.
Content management system . Most often there are 2 requirements: either the control system should be convenient for the average user, or the control system should be widespread (for advanced programming customers).
Those. the main part of the customerís attention is focused on the very first part of the siteís development and on the maintenance period (if problems arise).
Unfortunately, ignorance of a few other important points about the process of creating the site, sometimes leads to the fact that customers receive what they requested, but not quite what we would like.

In this article we want to draw your attention to such a development stage as layout .

What is layout?
Layout is a process of describing the visual part of a site with program codes. This means that typesetters (layout specialists) take layout pages for website pages and describe them with letters, numbers and other special characters so that the design becomes ďaliveĒ: each part performs a certain function.

At the same time, regardless of which browser you use (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox), the site should look and work the same in each of them at any resolution of the monitor (monitor with a different diagonal size).

What is the difference between high-quality layout and low-quality?
In fact, the importance of a clean and competent layout of the site is very high. We give 3 simple facts: "What affects the layout quality?"

Correct display in various browsers and at different monitor resolutions.
(Cross-browser typesetting)
Unfortunately, often even websites of high quality in design have a "curved" layout. This leads to the fact that in various browsers and on different monitors, users experience errors or problems with the correct display of the site design
This problem affects even sites of well-known developers.

Page loading speed.
(Optimized layout)
The cleaner and better the site is made up, the faster the pages load.
Itís good if the user of the site has high-speed Internet. But even such users sometimes have problems with page loading speed. What to say about the owners of dial-up connections.
This item also applies to owners of mobile phones and smartphones. Not many sites have mobile versions yet, however, if the layout on a regular site is well done, on mobile devices it will load quickly and look decent.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that customers do not know much about the importance of layout (if at all), developers sometimes do not pay attention to the stage of site layout and do not attach importance to the quality of its implementation (the client still does not understand and will not notice anything) in <a href="">design</a>.


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