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Louis Vuitton Posted: Wed Oct 23 08:29:55 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  

What we have experienced, what we have, what we have lost, what we can't retrieve, what we can't repay, what we can't love, what we cherish, what we regret, what we cry in secret? In fact, it doesn't matter. Since we are doomed to not go to the end, at least we enjoy happiness there.

What is love? Love is selfless dedication, love is not seeking return, love is selfless, love is giving. Once I knew little about love, even when others asked, "what is love?" I bowed my head and kept silent for a long time. In fact, everyone knows the meaning of love, but they don't know what they love.

No one does not envy love. Love is the noblest and most respectable emotion in the world. Almost everyone wants to have it, but they don't know that it's like Tang Seng's learning from scriptures.

No matter when men and women are young, there will always be an absurd idea that they have to admit. When they see that other people or friends are in pairs, their hearts will inevitably be confused. And when I really understand it, I find how ridiculous it is.

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nilssiravo Posted: Mon Nov 4 23:42:03 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
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ernest12 Posted: Wed Nov 6 00:50:38 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wonderful write-up, I share the same views. I wonder why this excellent entire world does indeed not feel just like myself and also the blog possessor :)


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