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Push pull cable
ledbillboard Posted: Thu Oct 31 02:57:55 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  High density polyethylene liner

High-density polyethylene liner enables cable to work push-pull movement smoothly. It also has the feature of high specific stiffness, resistance to chemicals, lubricity and abrasion quality, so that the <a href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>galvanized wire rope</a> can keep smooth feeling and durability under the environment from -50 to 100

Outer casing

Conduit type outer casing consists of many hard steel wires stranded around the high-density polyethylene liner by long pitch. With keeping enough flexibility but also stiffness toward compressive load, this outer casing can manage to achieve excellent stroke efficiency without elastic loss.

Inner cable

In concidering the feature of push-pull cable, we adopted less elastic materials toward tensile load and compressive load. This enabled capable transmission efficiency.

High density polyethlene outer

Excellent weather resistance, resistance to chemicals, and abrasion quality shut out the invasion by a foreign substance. The outer protects conduit outer casing with the best use of stiffness, and transmits push-pull force properly.

Sleeve seal

Sleeve seal with high abrasion quality and flexibility helps to protect joint parts perfectly, and also holds high-levels of dust resistance and waterproof property.

Rod seal

As is the case with sleeve seal, rod seal is also a protecting seal which has the characteristic of wiper structure. As the push-pull cable operated, rod seal wipe away the dust and water attached over the rod.

Anticorrosion metal fittings

Hub, sleeve, rod, nut, washer and other parts are all well plated by high corrosion-resistant material.

Swivel mechanism

Rod and sleeve assembled to both end of push-pull cable make the swivel angular movement up to 8. This angular movement contributes to round and longitudinal movement of joint parts of rod and control arm smoothly and nicely.

How to select push pull cable

Donyorg's push-pull cable lines 4 types of standard series depending on the cable's requested load from 5KG to 100KG. Therefore we can meet a wide range of customer's needs and intended purpose.
When it comes to in use of push-pull cable, we appreciate if customers could preliminarily confirm specifications or conditions such as maximum load, maximum stroke, bending angle, and bending numbers. However, in any event, please feel free to contact us. We are very glad to have your inquiries.


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