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green tea
Pepsi Posted: Mon Feb 3 10:20:05 2020 Post | Quote in Reply  
  do you think drinking green tea is really good for health as many people believe that? do you drink it? I like black tea

Trustme Posted: Mon Feb 3 11:20:08 2020 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Sure green tea is very useful for health and it can keep you healthy during the fall and spring. It contains lots of vitamins. Also you can think about cbd oils it will help you to stay safe and sound during the period when everybody got sick.

yejefol Posted: Mon Feb 17 04:16:39 2020 Post | Quote in Reply  
  From my perspective, I recommend green tea because recent studies have shown green tea can potentially have positive effects on everything from weight loss to liver disorders, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimerís disease.
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