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The Clarity, or Misclarity Of The Bible
dan632 Posted: Sat Sep 20 11:35:07 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  this is most likely going to be one sided but, don't hurt me :-$

i was talking, arguing more like it, with a person at work 2nite and at one stage i came out with "how can you tell anyone what is morally corect or not, your moralty is based on what you were most probably taught by an unjust, corrupt and conformal society who wouldn't fuck to save their species but for the pleasure."
she replied with "i was taught moralty by the bible, you know, the thing that everything in your unjust society is based around?"
"you know, someone once said that moralty doesn't appear anywhere in the bible; also the bible doesn't teach us moralty, it scares us into conformity by saying shit like don't lie or you'll go to hell, how can you worship a book that does shit like that to you?"
her: "just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean you're allowed to go preaching it"
me: "for god's sake, i wasn't preaching, i was questioning it"
her: "don't use God's name in vain"
me: "god's name is jehovah, i said god, i coulda been referring to Gishnu but your religion says that he doesn't exist, bacause your god is the almighty and truthful god. when was the last time you heard someone say 'fucking jehovah'?"

and yeah, it kinda went on like this for about 10 of 15 minutes, but it got me thinking about how clear the bible really is, i mean, how can anyone say that they saw god's face in a puddle of mud when they don't even know what he looks like? there are no drawings at all of god, there are a few fake ones of Jesus and some silly ones of Mary but i have never ever found one of god. that brings me to another thing, a couple of months ago there was this 'phenomenon' about some1 who said they saw an image of Mary in the shadow of a fence post near a beach, now most pictures of mother mary portray her as some sort of heavenly creature with robes draped over her face-did they even know how to sew cotton that tightly 2000+ years ago?-and didn't they used to draped shit all over lepurs back in that day?. also, how can they say that the bible is truthful? wasn't most of it written like 200 years after jesus supposedly died? and that whole 4 horsemen of the apocalypse thing, i think they should update that to the 4 fighter pilots of the apocalypse, or something we can relate to, the 4 suicide bombers of the apocalypse.

feel free to add your own biblical findings.
i'm sorry if that was one sided but i can't change the way i am, plus i did warn you

Mesh Posted: Sat Sep 20 15:13:28 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Funny you bring this up, because, just last night, I found a website which contained a number of bible verses. The layout was like this.

1. They would show the first verse and its message.

2. They would show another verse with a completely contradictory mesage to the first verse.

Sadly, I cant remember the name of the site, so i can refer you to it.

oh,and, I DID go get my bible, and hunt down all the verses they used, and they were all in the bible, word for word as they did to have it on the website.

zander83 Posted: Sat Sep 20 23:51:09 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The thing with basing an argument about ethics on the bible is that in reality the bible can not be referred to for ethical behaviour. For this I will principally use the infamous 10 commandments. In reality only 6 of those commandments are based on ethics, the need for a day to honor God, or of no other graven images is of no ethical importance. The big issue with these final six commandments is that they are both vague and general. General in the sense that God was not necessary to invent most of these rules(murder for example). Vague in the sense that thou shalt not kill means very little. Does this mean one should never kill ever? What about animals, self-defence, and soldier who went to war? The common defense is in interpreting these commandments to apply them to the real world. Thats all fine, but if we interpret the commandments then couldn't we take God out of this equation. Suddenly God is not a necessary element of this discussion. Also, a second issue comes to mind. If one looks at the 10th commandment(i believe) it states that one shall not think of possesing another possesions(this includes wives by the way for all the women in the audience). However, i don't know about everybody else, but im pretty sure its impossible not to envy others at any moment, and often its unbidden. This would imply that God, the creator, created us with a design flaw and then will punish us for it. Seems impractical. Just my two bit... hope others will post.

webmaster Posted: Sun Sep 21 13:40:48 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  meshuggah said:
>Funny you bring this up, because, just last night, I found a website which contained a number of bible verses. The layout was like this.
>1. They would show the first verse and its message.
>2. They would show another verse with a completely contradictory mesage to the first verse.

I know of one at

marsteller Posted: Sun Sep 21 21:35:09 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Dan, is "moralty" a word?


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