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The Unbeliever
CorDrine Posted: Sat Feb 21 02:49:12 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Do not judge me oh Lord
for I was not born to be judge
Know that I live a life in which I believe in
And know always that my love for You
comes straight from the heart
There is no need for me to sing praise to You
when I know You can hear the singing of my soul
There is no need for me to openly worship You
when I am sure You can feel my love for You so bold
I rememver Your presence when I am most alone
And the ray of Your smile when trumpets are blown
I cannot tell You how special You are to me
But in times to come, I know You will eventually see
That though I am not a part of your world of holiness
Never the less, I am filled by Your spirit
That though Your people will shove me away
You will not turn from me in my hours of trouble
I offer You this heart of gold
A soul that feels more then life itself
One who has a faith so strong
That in Your hands, I could never go wrong
Guide me in Your wisdom
Advice me if You wish
But let me choose to live as I have chosen
even if making mistake is part of the list
I am a person,and I wish to live as I am
Have trust in me o Lord
In times when no one else can

choke Posted: Mon Apr 19 18:29:43 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i like it. funny how a poem can make something im against look so much more appealing. nice writing :)

dan632 Posted: Wed Jun 9 06:55:33 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i'll unbeliever you in a minute.

why is it spelled minute and pronounced "min-ut" and not "mine-yoot"? sounds a little fuck-eyed to me


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