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Short poem
Aeon Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:50:42 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm falling.
My descent into sadness
and disaster.
I dream a dream of slaves
and masters,
While inside I push past her.
I am just the broken glass
that was shattered.
I am all the petter things
that never really matter.
I am father time, mother nature,
baby new year, death and disaster.
I am all the euphemisms and personifications of this life and ever after.

choke Posted: Wed Mar 24 19:16:10 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  you're really inspiring. once again, im in class. should have a computer i a couple of weeks. seriously the stuff u write is amazing :)

Kira Posted: Wed Mar 24 19:46:22 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  choke said:
>once again, im in class. should have a computer i a couple of weeks.

She lives! Hang in there Choke.

Aeon, that has to be one of my favorites of yours so far. I love the whole feeling of it.

SekiRay Posted: Wed Mar 24 22:32:02 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I rise, I wake,
Too fast,
So free.
My ascend to a harvest of bliss
And pristine conviviality,
I go, faster.
Iím the dream of what slaves dream
A master of damnation,
The color of forgotten salvation.
I am the collected
Once dispersed.
I am the only thing that mattered
That doesnít really matter.
I am the father of my days, the son of benevolence
The unholy spirit provoked by the devilís tears.
I am personae untouched and emphasized by subtle presence.
Vivid, distinct,
Iím but just gone.

hope you don't mind me playing around with your composition, Aeon :P


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