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Aeon Posted: Wed May 5 22:14:03 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
sometimes I feel alone
then I realize it's my place
bare my heart and bones
and bear their own disgrace
Falling over like a flood again
Bathed in the same blood
I used to wash my hands in
Or used to wash my hands of
When everything is just a game
Why do I feel like such a loss?
Gave it up except my name
But it was more than I had thought

what makes a man?
Is it simple understanding?
But when the words
I heard denied me
It must be misunderstanding
Push down the pills
that kill a part of me
and realize I am and always will be
just another junkie
so save what little left of me
and disregard the ruins
cause all the rest is sinking slowly
and I'll be tripping, sinking soon...


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