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Googlism :)
iggy Posted: Tue May 11 21:32:32 2004 Post | Quote in Reply will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below

iggy Posted: Tue May 11 21:33:55 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Googlism for: chan

chan is missing
chan is likeable
chan is all dressed up with no place to go in rumpled '
chan is missing @ hollywood
chan is the bellboy
chan is the prison dvd or vhs at cheap
chan is sharp dressed
chan is vegeta
chan is one of foster city
chan is a vegetable
chan is the prisoner presented by dvd angle
chan is missing at epinions
chan is going "around the world" in remake
chan is the complete modern musician
chan is the joan and irwin jacob professor of
chan is missing by
chan is a phd student in econometrics at the university of
chan is such a girl
chan is een lieve
chan is dead
chan is my daddy
chan is out to get yea kids
chan is m of dna po lym e ra se note that charges have not
chan is not working correctly
chan is?
chan is a chartered biologist and a trained forestor
chan is the general practitioner who created downtown
chan is back
chan is lids co
chan is all dressed up with no place to go in rumpled 'tuxedo'
chan is a winner at ams/maa meeting
chan is missing cat power's vanishing act by nate lippens
chan is a busy man what's coming up for him
chan is missing synopsis
chan is china's top movie star by lew irwin
chan is on a mission to amaze
chan is the bellboy mgm is set to remake the 1960 jerry lewis film with jackie
chan is the prison
chan is shit
chan is cool
chan is scheduled to attend the prestigious national team training camp in texas at karolyi's training camp in late september
chan is
chan is the prisoner reviewed by
chan is stupid looking in real life
chan is going "around the world" in remake 06
chan is ready to bang heads for parramatta
chan is the joan and irwin jacob professor of electrical engineering & computer science and aeronautics & aeronautics
chan is my dream come true*sigh*
chan is missing by manny gomez
chan is sleepy*
chan is asia's biggest box office draw
chan is a phd student in econometrics at the university of western australia and is current research is i in the modelling of smooth transition financial
chan is the man i just finished watching mr
chan is totally irresistible
chan is missing to
chan is all smiles as he looks over erika lange's numbers
chan is a sellout
chan is the coolest tv show ever
chan is having a party for fan club members in bangkok
chan is not a happy chan at the moment
chan is always frolicing very vigorously in case of anyhow and his saying
chan is een lieve held door bianca stigter jackie chan
chan is also accosted by hibino hikaru and the daichi fan club
chan is our most famous fake “asian” pop icon—known for his obsequious manner
chan is nobody
chan is nobody"
chan is dead an anthology of contemporary asian american fiction edited by jessica hagedorn
chan is coming
chan is a beer fairy
chan is the chairman of the hang lung group of hong kong
chan is a hard
chan is a butterfly
chan is not
chan is m of dna po lym e ra se note that charges have not been indicated
chan is mayan for 'little channel
chan is a buzzy beetle who came from a distant land to train with the master
chan is looking for
chan is so likable that matching him with an american co
chan is sitting on the porch
chan is the assembly majority floor whip and incoming majority leader
chan is he if you need a hero
chan is ingratiating enough to overcome most of the film's considerable failings
chan is not the same as knowledge
chan is the prisoner
chan is? highscore
chan is the man
chan is a cute little girl character that lives in a house stuck on the side of some building in what i will assume is tokyo
chan is missing 7
chan is a nutcase
chan is brave
chan is a family economist with university of illinois extension

iggy Posted: Tue May 11 21:34:58 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  here's the link. :)

post yours in here!

Zacq Posted: Tue May 11 21:48:31 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  chanz said:
>Googlism for: chan

>chan is m of dna po lym e ra se note that charges have not

What's sad about me is that this was the one that made me laugh.

Googlism said "Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about you yet."

Zacq is sad.

addi Posted: Tue May 11 22:01:43 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Googlism for: addison

addison is sired by
addison is a 4
addison is 643 feet above sea level
addison is a runaway slave
addison is sired by "positive attitude"
addison is on the right
addison is incapable of returning emotion
addison is in stock at http
addison is one of those rare things
addison is a deeply committed rabbi who is willing to be taken beyond the limits of his own experience through prayer and dialogue with persons addison is the best comedian i have ever seen
addison is back with his new show the ape that got lucky
addison is buried in westminster abby
addison is a republican in his political tendencies and has been an active worker in the republican ranks
addison is remembered chiefly for his prose mastery
addison is most unfortunate
addison is driving a jet
addison is still her number one goal
addison is a very beautiful boy
addison is considered the country's most erudite young stand
addison is a perfect antidote to the winter blahs
addison is returning to our cooking show this year
addison is fact

(and my favorite)

addison is available in classic black

*thanks chanz

sweet p Posted: Tue May 11 22:06:24 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  sweet p is a free companion application to bare bones software's mailsmith mail client
sweet p is different
sweet p is our first high performance rocket kit
sweet p is a small utility application designed to be used as a companion to mailsmith
sweet p is still off his rocker
sweet p is a 5 1/2 year
sweet p is mine
sweet p is not effective in meeting odor control
sweet p is?????billie
sweet p is the name and racing is the game
sweet p is a brown skinned cutie that is slim and sexy
sweet p is 1/2 belgian and 1/2 quarter horse and has been an active riding and vaulting horse until she sustained a major injury
sweet p is a gentle and playful foal
sweet p is calling me but that's just wrong
sweet p is doing a private wave this time
sweet p is a silver toy; and we have heard she's daddy's joy
sweet p is a poor mc


libra Posted: Tue May 11 22:31:45 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  well, libra got boring results, my real name was more interesting...

[redacted] is live on ifriends
[redacted] is not currently available
[redacted] is currently available
[redacted] is
[redacted] is a rising junior at buchanan high school she is an active participant in the drama club and the redbud chorale
[redacted] is an erotic blond vegas playmate that loves to please a man

its so me. lol

novemberrain Posted: Tue May 11 23:11:28 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  a few of my favs:

melissa is sending you a warning
melissa is great home page
melissa is head and shoulders above the rest
melissa is the bomb diggetty
melissa is in chat right now
melissa is featured on the gloden hanger awards
melissa is back
melissa is microsoft's fault
melissa is a direct result of digital monoculture
melissa is beautiful
melissa is a single mexican woman from hermosillo
melissa is actually not a bad girl
melissa is the best
melissa is a blonde haired little slut
melissa is a marketing tool
melissa is inspired by the chance of eventually being a soccer superstar
melissa is native to southern europe and is commonly seen growing in many european gardens
melissa is connected to the following things
melissa is a country
melissa is closing out her inventory of cassette recordings of her four albums
melissa is a vibrant
melissa is useful with the following
melissa is a psycho
melissa is definately my honey bee
melissa is a master trainer with imx
melissa is often used for insomnia
melissa is through
melissa is a very attractive 22 year old woman with a slim body and long brown hair (so close it is scary:)
melissa is developed as a robotic platform for the flying robot project which is a part of the biorobotics research at ailab
melissa is debating whether to wear shoes on the plane
melissa is combined with lemongrass before it is sold
melissa is deemed essential if humans are to travel successfully to mars
melissa is known as an excellent tranquilliser and sleeping aid
melissa is derived from greek mythology
melissa is back to life again
melissa is and she says
melissa is a product of her environment
melissa is head and shoulders above the rest
melissa is also in demand for weddings
melissa is the hottest woman

zander83 Posted: Tue May 11 23:38:30 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  alexandre is a boutique studio
alexandre is currently involved in redesigning the official leonardo dicaprio web site
alexandre is crushed
alexandre is reader in french in avinashilingam university
alexandre is also the president of the super liga brasileiro de jiu
alexandre is still a junior athlete
alexandre is wearing red rubber boots
alexandre is busy in the community as a motivational speaker
alexandre is starting from an assumption that what the sentry is doing is sniffing traffic
alexandre is starting from an assumption that > > what the sentry is doing is sniffing traffic
alexandre is known chiefly by his two works
alexandre is the course designer and national course director of the touch
alexandre is the first dog born with the affix “du jardin d’aulne”
alexandre is mijn eerste zelfgefokte hond èn hij werd eind 1997 mijn eerste kampioen
alexandre is an unemployed intellectual who
alexandre is forced to resort to ever more spectacular schemes
alexandre is played by germany?s famous actor bruno ganz
alexandre is talking about his new line
alexandre is forced not to enjoy anymore the love of all his family
alexandre is ready to ask
alexandre is a self
alexandre is back
alexandre is to get through this final day
alexandre is assistant director for industrial relations in the office of technology and industrial relations of the national cancer institute
alexandre is dancing
alexandre is making
alexandre is very much a hard case
alexandre is spotted by few
alexandre is assistant professor at the department of information systems
alexandre is a friend from brasil
alexandre is valued
alexandre is brazilian born and bred
alexandre is a quiet but very confident person
alexandre is being recognized with his appointment to university professor
alexandre is staying in now and the system of connecting streets between the towns compute the
alexandre is a teacher in a parisian music school
alexandre is assistant director for industrial relations in the office of technology and industrial relations of the national cancer
alexandre is smart enough
alexandre is stylish
alexandre is
alexandre is not connected to codeweavers directly
alexandre is not
alexandre is doing research on graphical programming languages in this case doing the first steps in a simple robot control language
alexandre is fully aware that people find him eccentric
alexandre is especially suited to it
alexandre is near mid
alexandre is the ideal place to stay
alexandre is located in the business center
alexandre is "en hommage al'occident"
alexandre is the only one who can help her fight
alexandre is remembered both with fear and awe by those who barely knew him and by those closest to him as well
alexandre is truly one of the world?s diving greats
alexandre is looking for land in texas upon which to build a ranch
alexandre is 35 years old and a canadian citizen
alexandre is drawn back to that other day
alexandre is believed to have been taken
alexandre is owner/director of phillipe alexandre fine art in new york
alexandre is situated in a dale of oaks and arbutus trees
alexandre is voyaging to his own past as well
alexandre is looking at you
alexandre is ceo of switch now
alexandre is the proud owner of his 1992 chrysler daytona
alexandre is canada's top player
alexandre is back training in montreal
alexandre is de mooiste
alexandre is a stylist for vermont embroidery and matthieu is the assistant stylist at dice kayek
alexandre is supple and smooth even at this early stage of its development
alexandre is currently working on his own d
alexandre is and hear his amusing rantings about life
alexandre is currently looking for producers for his new short film
alexandre is a multi
alexandre is given the choice of submitting or see sunni die a horrible death
alexandre is a test pilot
alexandre is an
alexandre is coming to the airport today?"
alexandre is sleeping in his room
alexandre is enchanted
alexandre is the director of the office of overseas prosecutorial development
alexandre is the patriarch of the society
alexandre is working for a small it consulting company
alexandre is the one who set the fire
alexandre is the chef de cuisine at pastis restaurant in san francisco
alexandre is now working as a research officer with the parliamentary research branch
alexandre is angry because we have deliberately chosen not to fully implement red hat's

zander83 Posted: Tue May 11 23:39:14 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  on a different note.. leaving for work during the summer and i won't really have internet so goodbye for the summer... see you guys around

choke Posted: Tue May 11 23:43:22 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mine was too long, so i chose my favourite :)

tiffany is going to kill you

libra Posted: Wed May 12 00:08:18 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  zander83 said:
>on a different note.. leaving for work during the summer and i won't really have internet so goodbye for the summer... see you guys around

bye zander. I'll miss talking to you. Have a good time.

sweet p Posted: Wed May 12 00:25:45 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  zander83 said:
>on a different note.. leaving for work during the summer and i won't really have internet so goodbye for the summer... see you guys around

Bye Zander!
I have a friend in Waterloo [that's where you are going right?]
Maybe I will see you there...and not know it's you...because I don't know what you look like. So if you see a girl that kinda looks like my picture say hi Priscilia ; )

Kira Posted: Wed May 12 00:34:50 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Mine was too long.. I picked out the least interesting lines because I'm just like that.

kira is a cat
kira is an art
kira is overrated
kira is an infidel
kira is suspicious of dukat's motives
kira is in need of a loving home in vermont
kira is a destructive rat
kira is nu zwanger voor het eerst
kira is lame and a recent orphan

Then I did fun stuff:

gt is solid
gt is fancy
gt is good people
gt is making a ruckus
gt is the third and last part of our favorite dragon ball series
gt is a step in the right direction
gt is a broad
gt is available by prescription only
gt is definitely for you
gt is it or isn't it?
gt is pretty inspiring just standing still
gt is now testing at nürburgring

jq is in q
jq is on deadline through september and will not be responding to fan mail until then
jq is and was
jq is planted in your brain
jq is doing great
jq is the one
jq is you about? can i give a fax?"
jq is designing in accordance with city of houston requirements
jq is continuous
jq is cool too
jq is the man from sparkle laundry
jq is non
jq is also looked toward for guidance in the story

See ya Zander!

JAZER Posted: Wed May 12 00:43:46 2004 Post | Quote in Reply will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.

"Its like a zany-madcap humour generator" - Waldopepper, FilePile

Who What Where When

Who is What is Where is When is

Googlism for: marshall

marshall is predicted to be best in mac
marshall is bird stamps
marshall is under attack because she
marshall is important for all
marshall is fighting for his life
marshall is the host of the 1450 am boomer morning show
marshall is a unique hybrid
marshall is losing popularity from
marshall is awesome
marshall is executive vice president of the u
marshall is so bush league
marshall is born january 25th 2002
marshall is gay
marshall is not an alien"
marshall is the singer
marshall is dead
marshall is extension
marshall is an
marshall is the wright man to replace ipswich keeper
marshall is displayed in the supreme
marshall islands
marshall is a real estate
marshall is the lone arranger by evan marshall
marshall is
marshall is dawg tired
marshall is a real
marshall is no
marshall is predicted to be best in mac by jim spadafore / the detroit news mac preseason media polls
marshall is a writer living in washington
marshall is under attack because she helped iv renters letter to the editor february 13
marshall is the creator and driving force behind 1450
marshall is losing popularity city lights gene ooakooak city lights gene created by gene team member
marshall is awesome alright?
marshall is good
marshall is coming on strong on court
marshall is executive vice president of the us
marshall is correct
marshall is one of the most well
marshall is it?
marshall is born last updated
marshall is evil
marshall is dick stroker
marshall is first black queens borough president
marshall is not an alien"
marshall is back to ride a rising star
marshall is the songwriter and singer for chasmatic
marshall is not an alien
marshall is managing the x
marshall is managing the space launch initiative
marshall is a multi
marshall is extension program leader in the university of florida ifas extension in leon county
marshall is an extension agent in the university of florida ifas extension in leon county
marshall is the wright man to replace ipswich
marshall is displayed in the supreme court building
marshall is an acknowledged leader
marshall is the rock and roll photographer
marshall is approximately 6891
marshall is international long distance phone rate comparison top 10 plans
marshall islands information includes anthems
marshall is located in the heart of the beautiful black hills
marshall is list
marshall is a realtor in oakville
marshall is sworn in as head of the marshals service
marshall is for real
marshall is alive & kicking
marshall is a partner in the san francisco office of mccutchen
marshall is such a store house of 19th century american small town architecture that it has been given status as a national historic landmark district
marshall is a delight to travelers and residents alike
marshall is associate professor of urban design at the graduate school of design
marshall is the lone arranger by evan marshall information
marshall is the county seat of calhoun county located at the junction of i
marshall is just past benchmark
marshall is a qualified motor mechanic
marshall is the very talented backup drummer for the moody blues in concert
marshall is attracted to people who are witty and intellectual
marshall is a most referred? realtor in oakville

JAZER Posted: Wed May 12 00:45:06 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  some of these just arent cool.
Marshall is gay...
that shit aint right...

libra Posted: Wed May 12 00:58:47 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  JAZER said:
>some of these just arent cool.
>Marshall is gay...
>that shit aint right...

they seem to be very adamant that you are not an alien though.

Maya Posted: Wed May 12 06:20:13 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Some of my faves!!

maya is the veil that covers our real nature and the real nature of the world around us
maya is heaven on earth
maya is described in the book of goddesses
maya is a hot little mamma

addi Posted: Wed May 12 07:18:46 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Maya said:

>maya is a hot little mamma

boy, did they get you down right! lol

*bye, zander. have a good summer. stay away from the poison ivy. if you see that tart Priscilia tell her i want my virginity back! hope you make the cheerleading squad next fall! XOXO
2 good
2 B
4 gotten

Aeon Posted: Wed May 12 11:29:47 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  patrick is a good person
patrick is a god
patrick is my hero
patrick is associated with brotherhoods
patrick is great ~~~
patrick is rd calkins professor of
patrick is polish
patrick is a real
patrick is responsible for converting the people of ireland
patrick is sexy
patrick is looking for a thighbooted lady
patrick is a lue
patrick is inserting his dick into the hairy pussy of the asian
patrick is leaving?
patrick is the hottest thing out today
patrick is a beautiful
patrick is still waking up
patrick is associated with brotherhoods; why he is patron of the tullow st
patrick is great
patrick is rd calkins professor of international business
patrick is polish description
patrick is a realtor in wilmington
patrick is 2
patrick is responsible for converting the people of ireland to christianity in 450
patrick is available
patrick is focus of reconciliation
patrick is a lue seeker? posted by alan july 21
patrick is a lue seeker? posted by patrick donnell july 21
patrick is a good person patrick is also known to have driven the snakes out of ireland patrick is associated
patrick is inserting his dick into the hairy pussy of the asian prostitute
patrick is ready to drop his hot sperm on the abdomen of liza
patrick is the best
patrick is eating and drinking
patrick is learning his alphabet and numbers before he goes to kindergarten
patrick is written by a certain secundicus
patrick is using his leadership ability everyday in his role as team lead in borrower services
patrick is the best writer in the media
patrick is the patron saint of ireland
patrick is the owner consultant of the company called precision vision
patrick is leaving? to
patrick is from pittsburgh
patrick is distant
patrick is currently the state chairman of the natural law party of colorado
patrick is like most boys
patrick is supposed to have used the shamrock leaves to stand for the holy trinity of father
patrick is celebrated on the 17 march each year and st patrick is the patron saint of ireland
patrick is buried
patrick is an experienced and highly acclaimed web/print designer and art director
patrick is well placed in life
patrick is a very funny kid
patrick is associated with rachel carson as a biologist responsible for raising serious ecological concern in our society
patrick is joined by professor fred watson from the anglo
patrick is the constant butt of jokes because of his irish ancestry
patrick is the patron saint of ireland and the one credited with bringing christianity to ireland
patrick is a historical character
patrick is a member in the firm's boston office
patrick is a member of the aircraft owners and pilots association and the national space society
patrick is born in scotland or roman britain to parents calpurnius and conchessa
patrick is having a pretty rough week
patrick is his own worst enemy
patrick is the patron saint of ireland as he was the one who brought christianity to the irish
patrick is the recipient of a corneal transplant
patrick is exactly how god wanted him to be
patrick is the person who will accompany you to the philippines
patrick is left alone with his uncontrollable bottom burps
patrick is married to donna patrick
patrick is a man who study geology but a politician he became
patrick is kind of a benevolent fagin to an assault team of young photographers
patrick is his usual happy self
patrick is a third year sociology major at the university of maryland
patrick is the co
patrick is credited with establishing
patrick is delighted to announce that he will now be represented by cloud moss of cumulus presents
patrick is horrified to learn he doesn't have the best one
patrick is one year old
patrick is founder and principal consultant of focused performance
patrick is given credit for driving the snakes out of ireland
patrick is een internationaal bekende spirituele heler die in elke helingsessie het lichaam
patrick is an expert at communicating to a wide variety of audiences
patrick is going to become a 'household' name in the future
patrick is a management and security consultant and is involved in the creation of
patrick is an australian shepherd mix
patrick is remembered in many stories and folklore as an heroic preacher who must have lived 70 lives if we
patrick is trying
patrick is a true poet who shares more than mere songs; he shares experiences
patrick is
patrick is a very skilled naturalist; especially in the fields of botany and herpotology
patrick is one of those extraordinary talents who combines raw talent
patrick is experiencing the break

Aeon Posted: Wed May 12 11:31:02 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  generation terrorists is a lengthy rush of youthful energy and frequently clever lyrics
generation terrorists is heritage theme park punk
generation terrorists is the debut album from the welsh band the manic street preachers
generation terrorists is a perfect example
generation terrorists is the imperfect sound of a potentially great band finding their feet in a world of self
generation terrorists is probably as flawed as
generation terrorists is a much better album than many sceptics expected
generation terrorists is a double album released next week
generation terrorists is not actually out to destroy you
generation terrorists is quality though
generation terrorists is the sawing
generation terrorists is a site with many interesting articles worth
generation terrorists is a nice album
generation terrorists is nevertheless brilliant teen angst; an angry
generation terrorists is a song
generation terrorists is comparable
generation terrorists is taken from the
generation terrorists is the worst for throwing slogans about
generation terrorists is released
generation terrorists is the debut album from the manics back in 1992
generation terrorists is probably my favourite album

Aeon Posted: Wed May 12 11:37:35 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  aeon is to sinny?i do
aeon isis product reviews
aeon is a journal of myth
aeon is trapped in the sea of paralytic fluid
aeon is not for everyone
aeon is a future
aeon is a challenge
aeon is rapidly approaching the ground and manages to tear herself away from ogling the two blokes by attaching some rope to a projectile on her gun and firing
aeon is precisely executing a plan of cost reduction and expansion
aeon is one of the strongest players in japan's beleaguered retail market
aeon is very resistant to the hardening and cracking that can affect other materials
aeon is a high molecular weight polymer sheet mad by nylex utilising the very latest dupont elvaloy® technology
aeon is a type of game commonly called a 'mud'
aeon is being run to survive as an
aeon is a group of 148 companies
aeon is able to provide its customers with a wider range of innovative card offerings under a strong
aeon is well
aeon is a description
aeon is defeated
aeon is just about the toughest female super spy/assassin/thief/sharpshooter there is
aeon is dedicated to cutting
aeon is the collectable card game for today
aeon is a european manufacturer validation date
aeon is an encryption
aeon is a pci
aeon is an integrated
aeon is a journal of myth and science devoted to the collection and exploration of archaeo
aeon is an enigma who shares a twisted love/hate relationship with her nemesis
aeon is not being contrary
aeon is the moment that lasts forever
aeon is not an institutional journal with a finished product
aeon is sitting in the guest room with his locked diary next to him
aeon is to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise about adult community education to help members of the network perform
aeon is referred to as the pre
aeon is the premier service provider for cable infrastructure
aeon is too young to give a more definite representation of this future event
aeon is the old card of judgment
aeon is defeated in battle
aeon is more efficient than the crop of four
aeon is possessed
aeon is characterized by the spirit/soul being strongly attached to the tribe or clan that each individual belongs to
aeon is still sleeping
aeon is one of the largest english conversation schools in japan
aeon is my dragon persona
aeon is een loopbaanadviesbureau met ervaren loopbaanadviseurs
aeon is killed off
aeon is an iowa export trading company
aeon is a great place to work if you plan to only stay one year to see the country or if you plan to stay longer and need to get your feet wet
aeon is a conversation school and i have heard that it is just like all the other conversation schools in japan
aeon is not the twelfth
aeon is superior to themselves
aeon is caught in a time loop
aeon is probably the posterboy of the aeriel u because he plays such a pivotal role in all 3 generations
aeon is glad to introduce you to a brand new plan
aeon is under an
aeon is a diku
aeon is the largest and one of the oldest conversation schools in japan with over 225 schools located throughout japan
aeon is a period of 2
aeon is rugged and compact and designed specifically for computer and other sensitive electronic equipment
aeon is in battle
aeon is diku
aeon is missing one key ingredient important to making good music
aeon is het archetypische principe dat te maken heeft met fabelachtig onderscheidings
aeon is sexy
aeon is an exploration of morality
aeon is one of the finest of today's collections heralding the present era of rising goddess spirituality
aeon is less of a concern now that martin logan has finally introduced a matching subwoofer
aeon is your favourite? valefor
aeon is trying to attract customers with consistently low prices rather than short
aeon is the grail quest of the future
aeon is based in rodney bay on the island of st
aeon is a secret agent
aeon is making a lot of noise about overseas competition in japanese retail and
aeon is one of the few institutions that brings together not only psions of various orders
aeon is not about believing the teachings of the golden dawn
aeon is a multi user dungeon
aeon is being realized
aeon is here for you with our new dedicated server offerings
aeon is partnered with intercomm internet for reliable and fast dial
aeon is a member of the aeon group and a subsidiary of aeon credit service co
aeon is familiar in domestic and international commerce in the market area in which both complainant and respondent
aeon is most powerful against enemies who take healing from water attacks
aeon is the aeon of the child
aeon is involved
aeon is completing
aeon is a member of zen gai kyo
aeon is one curvy babe
aeon is a dream
aeon is a very impressive design
aeon is standing on the ledge
aeon is fourfold

FN Posted: Wed May 12 11:38:13 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Googlism for: christophe

christophe is back to base camp since may 7th
christophe is highly motivated with this expedition
christophe is the ideal center from which to tour all the most beautiful sites in the region's beauty spot
christophe is one of rare resoluteness and strong moral structure
christophe is also an accomplished climber
christophe is a linux
christophe is one of three sourice brothers in the band
christophe is elegant but comfortable
christophe is based on the true story of henri christophe
christophe is located in jardin des plantes of the left bank of paris
christophe is one of the guys who roars up behind you like
christophe is the selection of sauces you can choose to accompany the fresh fish you choose
christophe is working on canadian landscapes and nudes
christophe is one of the singers of this orchestra
christophe is now working on his own album
christophe is sun valley's only condominium hotel
christophe is from brittany
christophe is 14 years old
christophe is the webmaster of the yoga ireland site and the editor of the yoga online magazine
christophe is a pilot for air
christophe is originally from strasbourg
christophe is a culinary treasure just waiting to be
christophe is ideally suited to undertaking
christophe is my 9th great grandfather
christophe is my
christophe is shown with his great monument
christophe is a charming hotel
christophe is able to get enough creatures in play to allow him to triple block and kill the nantuko shade
christophe is situated further up the valley towards la berade
christophe is happy of the result
christophe is that rare left bank find
christophe is currently waiting for new specifications that could be used to test the parser
christophe is on a television talk
christophe is originally from agen in france;s southwestern region
christophe is één van onze jongste
christophe is away for 315 kilometres before winning in grenoble
christophe is an excellent example of the new generation of filmmakers in france
christophe is sure to show his skills at the x
christophe is the préhistoparc at tursac
christophe is recognised as one of the world's top engineers in implementing and optimising cdma
christophe is presently in charge of application development tools
christophe is clearly one of philadelphia's theatrical treasures
christophe is part of a steep stretch that gains 1
christophe is
christophe is ongetwijfeld één van de toonaangevende belgische
christophe is taking part in the rolex 24 hours of daytona this weekend
christophe is its value for the dollar
christophe is now heading an effort to try and retrieve her
christophe is discovered by the saint
christophe is renowned for his desserts and fish dishes
christophe is the brazilian summer camp director and counselor for international camper affairs
christophe is no mere slacker poet
christophe is always working on deleted tracks
christophe is in the top 10 of the world ranking
christophe is in the kitchen and his wife alice
christophe is also an accomplished stage magician
christophe is louis' father
christophe is also great at keeping it up to date and implementing his users ideas and thus laser trace has become even more useful and gained more features i
christophe is staffed 24 hours a day and we provide daily maid service
christophe is always busy helping fellow performers shape their performances
christophe is the telecoms and technology management expert
christophe is a nice normal young man
christophe is considered the finest restaurant in a'dam
christophe is playing for a few months right now
christophe is transferring to meriden
christophe is french
christophe is a great encouragement to all things good life
christophe is the new president of newman theological college
christophe is actively involved with the nari
christophe is conveniently located on the coast road and
christophe is not *quite* right
christophe is active in databases and text retrieval software since 1979
christophe is initially drawn to the idea of being the focal point of his friend's student film
christophe is a three building
christophe is ideally located to help you discover the wonders of paris
christophe is in the heart
christophe is from alsace and loves to work with his speciality
christophe is working on this sort of thing for his final year project
christophe is in charge of creating the game's original soundtrack
christophe is promoted to the rank of captain of the french colonial armed forces
christophe is before all composer and arranger

FN Posted: Wed May 12 11:44:54 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Google in some of the Flemish dialects (about 20 different flemish googles available on

soccer clubs:

And so on and on and on and on lol

Mouse Posted: Wed May 12 14:33:52 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  A couple of the fun ones;
mouse is dead
mouse is not dead
mouse is not just a mouse
mouse is the devil
mouse is designed for easy servicing & multiple uses
mouse is stuttering
mouse is not on the ball
mouse is doing something odd
mouse is your friend
mouse is the pits
mouse is on the move
mouse is having a spaz attack
mouse is your ferrari
mouse is so silky
mouse is a winner no more rubber ball to get gunked up
mouse is watching
mouse is new online banking services let you access everything but the warm
mouse is no help to the blind
mouse is a cat's best friend
mouse is just perfect
mouse is 703 years old
mouse is in the house
mouse is taking man to new frontiers in medical research

Cool engine, where would I find out about this stuff if I didn't have this place?

marsi Posted: Wed May 12 14:55:49 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  marsi is revived by celebrations of music and painting
marsi is located at 1048 m
marsi is a lighthearted person who fluctuates between psycho mania and complete efficient teaching machine
marsi is the house vegetarian who will gladly pass over meat for a piece of romaine lettuce or spinich
marsi is contemplating the next phase in her all
marsi is gone
marsi is held in the music and multimedia section
marsi is a founder of the broome county naturalist club and lives in vestal
marsi is a very good friend

Mark Posted: Wed May 12 14:57:07 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Since Wolffie and The WOLFF where unknown, I used favorite:

wolff is spamming

antartica Posted: Fri May 14 08:27:31 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  some of my faves and fun ones :

antartica is not a friendly environment towards frail little women
antartica is a beer brand - this one i can attest to... had it in Brazil... =)
antartica is cool
antartica is magical
antartica is unique
antartica is lost
antartica is a nice place to chill out

icl is still standing
icl is a unique high
icl is a syndrome in persons testing negative for hiv
icl is changing

ian is dying
ian is out of the office
ian is so cool
ian is in da house
ian is right
ian is not a fool
ian is kewl
ian is chieftain
ian is back on thursday
ian is two weeks old
ian is composing the music for feed the baby of love
ian is back
ian is dying my friend ian
ian is thrown into a swimming pool by an arch female pornographer - WTF??!! LOL!!
ian is just a happy little guy sitting in his scooter thing
ian is a fantastic name
ian is guest
ian is alive
ian is deaf
ian is refused bail
ian is the master of his own destiny
ian is a nit - huh?
ian is a 'jack of all trades' because he can do various things
ian is available for gravesite
ian is shitting
ian is highly effective
ian is the straight man of the group
ian is gay - i dun think so!!!
ian is the motherfuckin' man
ian is on crack - wish i was
ian is a time waster

my favest... antartica is kind of weird


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