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These foolish things remind me of you
iggy Posted: Wed Jul 28 04:42:41 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  just heard rod steward singing "these foolish things (reminds me of you) on the radio.

couldn't work. wanted to cry...

i miss her so much.

Drinks at Double O. Insane messages and emails for the hectic workday. Long telephone conversations into the wee hours in the morning.
First date at Chinatown. Ngor Hiang and Kuay Chap.
Chinese wear. Long drives in the Millennium Falcon chasing stars. First Kiss in the Falcon. Secret gazes while shopping. Chicago. Stolen kisses in the presence of friends.
Rendezvous in the afternoons.
Crazy accents. Massacring of songs. The muppet show. Allo allo. Mind your language. College rock bands. Jazz music. Sensual chillout sounds.
Cuddling, snuggling and moulding into each other. Her snoring. Her breathing. The smell of her hair and her breath. Eskimo and butterfly kisses.
Long walks at night. The sound of her voice. The way she calls and excited cries of ‘baby baby’. Her fluttering walk. Lazy Sunday afternoons. Midnight movies. Long drives in my bug. Sunflowers. Dreams of a beach bum life. The sound of my name on her lips. Just her voice.
The way I feel when she hugs me.
The way I feel when she kisses me.
The way I feel when she’s around me.
The happy look when I kiss her hand while I’m driving.
Her muppet impressions. All the little things she does to make me feel a little better.
The way she listens to me. Our coffee dates and aimless search for food.
Our late night cravings. The way she calls out for a hug.
The way she loved me...

that's as much as i can take before i break again.

dan632 Posted: Wed Jul 28 04:58:29 2004 Post | Quote in Reply :(

choke Posted: Wed Jul 28 05:02:44 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  such happy times.. im jealous

:( sorry it ended

iggy Posted: Wed Jul 28 06:46:50 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  laughing over jimmy fallon and adam sandler. The way her back curves. The way she makes me laugh with her crazy antics. Shopping trips. Sneakers and tee shirts. The way she dances in my car. The way she looks at me.
The sound of her voice ringtone when my phone rings.
Sharing a plate of instant ramen. Dettol scrubs. The way she plays peekaboo when she’s drying her hair with a towel. Her obsession of getting rid of my blackheads and pimples. The way she scratches my back.

The way she gets excited of shoes. The way she says joo instead of shoe.
The sound of her name on my lips.
The left corner of my bed where she sleeps.
The way she reaches out for me when we sleep and I know that she’s there… and everythings gonna be ok.

The way she swings her hands when she’s excited.
The campy dance moves when we hear campy songs. Our bitching sessions about people.

How our hands fit so perfectly together when we hold hands.
Hugs and kisses. Sunrays and Saturdays.
Nonsensical chats about everything and nothing in particular.

Her calling me hammy and rubbing my tummy. The way she teases me about my growing belly.

The way she touches my face and tells me that I’m handsome even when I know I’m not.

Sitting at the kitchen sharing a meal.
The way she mothers over me when I’m sick.
The way she drools when she sees her favourite chicken.

The light in her eyes when she laughs and the tinkerbell laugh.
The way we act like children and giggle at everything.
The comfortable silence between us when we read our own stuff at the book café and we show each other funny things we see.

Sharing a blanket when we watch a movie.
The way she sings the theme of gummy bears.

The way she dance.

All the songs we shared.

Christian Posted: Wed Jul 28 07:08:45 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Chanz I can feel the power of love in your words; ...can feel your pain, too...

Mesh Posted: Wed Jul 28 07:14:35 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hey hey christian nice to see you again.

Christian Posted: Wed Jul 28 07:17:39 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hey dude, thanks.

same goes here, have you added me to MSN yet? if you have MSN would LOVE to chat YOU too, when i'm on line! :-)

Christian Posted: Wed Jul 28 07:23:06 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  oh, and btw Meshuggah, your timing is great! the welcome was really needed and made my day! :-)

iggy Posted: Wed Jul 28 08:25:44 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  the way she bites me... when i'm driving, when we're eating, anytime anywhere.
our walkabout.
phuket. hanging out with ant.
hanging out with everyone.
breakfast. lunch. dinner.
watching her cook. her watching me cook.
how we look at each other when we talk.

the way she looks she gets angry and jealous.
how she tries to make me blush.
the way she smokes. the way she tried to cut down her smoking when i quit smoking.
how she sneaked into the hospital when i had my nose operation.

the feeling of meeting her, being with her... and i know she feels the same way too.

i miss our lunches. and our sleep-ins.
i miss the dreams we shared.
the feeling of coming home to someone i love and i know who loves me.

i love the way she believes in me.

i miss her so much cos so many things remind me of her.

and so many things belong to us.

and i don't really want to share all these things with anyone else.

antartica Posted: Wed Jul 28 08:45:19 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  

Cherry_Moon Posted: Wed Jul 28 12:55:21 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Chanz, wow. That broke my heart. She must have been your whole world. I hope that you find someone like her again.:(.

Asswipe Posted: Wed Jul 28 14:44:57 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  this momo we're talking about?

if you want, i can help you add one to the list. how 'bout: the way her head looks; the wind flapping blood matted hair against pale cheeks, high atop a pike

Cherry_Moon Posted: Thu Jul 29 18:15:54 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Very nice Asswipe.

Asswipe Posted: Fri Jul 30 01:51:33 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  thanks =)

CorDrine Posted: Fri Jul 30 19:52:46 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wow, chanz, when did it happen? how long did it last? its heart breaking. hang in there dude.

iggy Posted: Sat Jul 31 10:51:41 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  it's not the time spent together.
but it's the feelings we had.

i wish for these things that reminded me of her to be a reality rather than a memory...

there are a lot more i can list. some too personal. and some too painful.

CorDrine Posted: Sat Jul 31 11:01:18 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It is good to remember what you both had. Nothing wrong with that. But I guess there must be a reason why you two parted. Maybe things just didn't work out the way we all wanted. Not saying that you should let it go, but maybe, just try to move on a little at a time? Cause seeing you like that, its gonna be hard on the rest of the people who are around you and who care about you. One can only spend so much time in pain and in the past. But you need to move on Chanz.

iggy Posted: Sat Jul 31 11:10:51 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  baby talk.
the way she says a wah wah.
the way we say a-neo to say that i love you.
chomp pang nasi lemak. ramly burger.
maggi mee goreng.
driving in a jeep in the rain with ant in thailand.
the way she looks when she wakes up.
her prancing around in my tee-shirts.
how she looks in her jeans.
flip flops. bright colours.
naming our kids, her the practical one... me the insane one.

colourful socks. china apple soda.
ikea. grocery shopping for junk food.
instant dinners.
people watching.
the dancing hamster in the chicken outfit.

salty salty food.
rainy days. sunny days.

happy house pigs.
toys r us.

bugis. orchard. holland village. siglap. the entire singapore.

talking chatting listening bitching.

i miss us.

iggy Posted: Sat Jul 31 11:17:03 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  

moving on... yes i am.


am working in the field that i love. pursuing my passion.

i've just agreed verbally with another company as a producer/writer on a fulltime basis.

good news is that these guys are hiring me for the purpose of gunning for awards.

2 years they said.
travelling required.

that may work out good.

at least for now, i know where i'm going ... i know how i'm getting there.

of course. i would like to get back those days.

i would love that. but then who knows what the future holds?

antartica Posted: Sat Jul 31 11:44:40 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  oh breaking my heart brah...


CorDrine Posted: Sat Jul 31 12:41:24 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thought I'll just my list here as well...

cyling at east coast park
non-stop text messages
robin goh's concert
chocolate covered strawberries
blister from walking too much
chilli crab
walking for an hour under the noon sun and getting heat stroke
100 Plus and 5 minutes of silence
a fountain of sprite shooting out like fireworks
4 hours in HMV
eating ice cream on the sofa in his bedroom with the lights dim
getting lost while jogging around the neighbourhood
riding on his bike all over singapore
white dragon
full moon
sunrise at changi beach
too many pillows in the room
too many tissues
shaving cream
my emotional unstablity
my insecurity
disneyland, and how much it hurt being there alone without him
postcard send all over japan
postcard receive all over taiwan
origami all over my desk
origami dolls all over his
ear plugs
drinking cooling tea by the bottle till I can't feel my tongue
hot chocolate on a cold rainy day
pairs of our handphone, comb, wallet, slippers all arrange together...
visiting his grandpa in the hospital
all his adorable cousins and nephews
a dozen roses delivered by a pair of shaking hands
black boots that don't go together with normal clothing
his grandma's ring
sentosa and how cheese never tasted that great before
sunrise in sentosa
carpenters, doris day
terms and conditions
dancing to oldies
crossing the road and how he always place himself at the side of the incoming traffic
how he hate it when i mess up his hair after he comb it
raisin and bread dip in amarula
holding hands in the cinema
his smile
his eyes
his beard
his hairy hand
his lacking of a six pack
his collection of shoes and bags which are more then mine!
his grumpiness
his childishness
his nagging
his obsession with cleanliness
his snoring
his laughter
his off key tone when he sings
his pervertness
ahpek looking singlets
having lunch at his cubicle during lunch time
bits of tissue hanging from his face after he wash them
him hugging me to sleep at night
cheese in the fridge

wow.... didn't know so may things reminded me of him. I just wish he knew how special all these things are to me.

Maya Posted: Sun Aug 1 07:45:44 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  guys, that just sounds so sad but so brilliant that you had it too!

I dont remember the last time i felt that way but im sorry to hear thatyou two are hurting


innocenceNonus Posted: Mon Aug 2 15:53:57 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Those are all so beautiful... It makes me want to cry.

Hope the heart ache eases up...

CorDrine Posted: Tue Aug 3 01:15:53 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Haha, think I gave the wrong impression here. Unlike Chanz, I'm not hurting. I just thought it would be nice to list out all the things that reminded me of the guy I love. We're still together, and we plan to stay that way. Still, thanks for the concern :)

Chanz! Cheer up! You're making ppl cry in GT!

iggy Posted: Tue Aug 3 01:36:49 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  am trying am trying

pass the kleenex


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