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Something from myGT which i like
iggy Posted: Thu Sep 9 13:22:07 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Keys to our souls
Alex Rehmar
2 Sep 2004

Everyone is born as a blank slate and we become who we are as a direct result of all the people we meet in life. We are like a long corridor filled with locked doors, and behind each door is a part of our potential being. Everyone we meet has the potential to be in possession of one of the keys or maybe a few. And every time a new part of us becomes released it does not become the new us, but alters to a varying degree the version of us that is us as a whole. Thusly we are infinitely flexible beings, with the ability to constantly change through our lives and evolve according to the people who surround us. Every part of you that develops and adds to your being is like a separate entity inside you and your being as a whole is like a society. It is filled with these entities and like a living thing they can die or grow stronger or weaker with time or from experiences involving the people that have brought them to be. The stronger one of these entities becomes, the greater the effect it has on you as a whole, and the harder it becomes to remove of or stifle. And so this way all that you are comes from the people you encounter in life, and no one in the world is truly unique on the whole, but merely a different combination of the aspects of others that they assimilate into their being. Some of these things are admired qualities, either consciously or subconsciously, but not all. We can also pick up qualities that we are want to loathe and avoid, but through experience we become used to them and they become the newest additions to the societies inside of us.

Spee Posted: Thu Sep 9 17:52:49 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There is a counter-argument for the "blank slate" idea. Part of you and your character is undeniablity shaped by heredity. And no matter how much you train a person to, say, be a good artist, they are limited by their innate abilities and characteristics, such as the bone structure in their hand, for example.


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