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simpleman journals. meaningless rant
iggy Posted: Wed Sep 15 23:17:47 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  simpleman journals.
meaningless rant.

these days i've been writing my journals... and quite a bit though, i should actually rename it as the lonely man journals...

day to day living?
i guess i am in a way... just living for the moment and spending whatever time i have left with the people i care about.

yesterday while driving my mates back, i was doing a little thinking and i told caine about it before i dropped him off.
people say we're complicated and have issues.

true, we do live a complicated life. but honestly, to put it crudely, having a huge dick doesn't mean we have to be a porn star.

people say we're screwed up. misdirected. do you really think so?

i believe we're pretty simple people. with simple needs. i believe my mates are tired of their lifestyles and would love to just kick back and enjoy.

i had a plan when i was young. to travel around the world and settle down at some beach hut somewhere and be happy. to carry a camera and film real life people doing their things. a travelogue film of some sorts. a film on life.

we were at this quaint little roadhouse diner the other night and were talking about the beach hut/cafe/pub and knew we're gonna be there someday.

i was reading through the GT archives and remembered someone whom i knew so well from the heart.

i know i'll meet her again. maybe in a different form. but definately meet that soul that was meant to sit by my side watching the world go by.

antartica Posted: Wed Sep 15 23:47:56 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hey... ya the lone ranger now brah
but you just holler and you know you'll have tonto by ya side any time at all...


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