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Just wanted to complain about work.....
CorDrine Posted: Fri Mar 25 09:16:42 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Its good Friday today, and I reported back to work at 10:30am. We were all recall back to do UAT shakedown (in non-IT term, that means getting the system ready so that the customer can use it for test run). The previous night, I was in office till 9pm because someone screw up my test data. It took me an hour to recover it back 80%. 20% had to be done today by my staff.

So there I was, in office at 10:30am all ready for work, and then I hit my first error. The environment setting was screwed as well. That took another 1 hour to fix. at 11:30am, hit another error, this time, data was missing. I couldn't take it anymore, I walk out of my office. My colleagues stared at me, but I couldn't be bothered. Why does management level have to be so cock-up in the project I am working in??? Asking us to come back to work on a holiday and not bothering to get the system working properly in the first place?

1. Management know UAT is next week, and they know they have to do shakedown this weekend. They held a meeting, and ask everyone to come back, but never bother to set up things properly. People sacrifice their social life on a public holiday to come back and work for them.

2. The people they recall back, some team leads, most are interns and contract workers, they get no compensation for coming back to work. They were ask back on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to finish their work! No extra pay, no time off claim. I see staff working daily from monday - sunday 9am - 9pm or longer. What is with these people? Why do they let management push them around like that?

Sometimes I think people have peanuts for brains. There was this girl, she work on holidays, and late into the night quite frequently. At first I admire her commitment to her job, then I found out her long working hour was due to lack of planning. She screw up so many things and pist of so many people that she had to spend a lot of time redoing things.

Then there's my project manager. During critical rollout time, she didn't see her daughter for a week. Higher management commented her on her commitment. I think if I was younger a few years ago, I would have felt the same, but today, I was just thinking, poor daughter, mum's too busy for you.

I think Singapore working culture sucks! People suck up to their boss, and they work long hours to show how hard working they are. They don't know how to say NO when they are being bullied, and just take order like a good citizen they are. I see a bunch of them complaining about work, yet religiously work long hours and over weekend. I think they are hypocritical. Me, I go off at 8pm daily if things are hitting up, if not, I leave on the dot at 6pm. I have a life to live outside of my working world. I also refuse to come in during the weekend if its nothing urgent. Today, I made an exception, cause I knew management wanted everything to go smoothly next week. But their lack of planning and coordination make me sick to the bones. UGH!

I think I should just quit my job, cause at it is, I think my review this year is gonna suck cause I am too rebellious for my manager to handle, especially if she is such a sucky one at it. I think I can just sit around and wait to be fired. But the things is, they won't fire me cause they know I am in the group of top performer. But at such a sucky environment, how can anyone perform efficiently at all????

For any of you GT who are at management level out there, spare a thought for your staff, don't ask them to do dumb things for nothing. Treat them as human beings, and value their off days!

antartica Posted: Fri Mar 25 13:30:35 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i used to be in management but after some internal reshuffling i am back to field staff status.

but i totali know what ya means coz i have a couple of fellas in the company i'm working in that constantly smell like shit... cos they kiss so much ass that they perpetually have shit on their noses...


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