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simpleman journals. thoughts of the future
iggy Posted: Mon Apr 25 08:02:43 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  it's the time of the year where the management reviews the personnel of the company and the path that we're going.

so i just finished my chat with the boss and the biz manager.

so far so good i guess.
and there were strengths and weakness as my role as a producer/director... more of a producer.

basically i know what's gonna be said as i do my own evaluation after every project.

someways i was rather tired of the corporate side after a while... and was thinking to myself if this was the path i was supposed to go - as a corporate producer and director.

for my past few projects, i know i didn't give 100% effort as it was the same thing over and over again.

luckily there is my current project which i conceptualised, produced, and directed by myself.
i had noone else to fall back on, noone to comprimise with.
it was my call from start to end... and i had to deal with the clients myself.

so there was this adreneline rush for me , cos this was solely my project. maybe it is an ego trip. but then i didn't have to explain to my clients why we did the video in a certain way based on what my director's vision was.

at least i didn't have to come up with a win/win situation.

so i decided to stay in the corporate side... but there's only me left in the corporate video side now.

everyone's roles are clearly defined.
and well... it's a test on what i can really do.

at least i know i'm running this department and whoever is tasked to the project under me.

i look forward to it even though it's gonna be more work for me.
like i said to my management, i welcome the challenge...
and i know i'm gonna be able to do it.

when? they asked
by next week, you'll be able to see.

i know i'm ready. i've been co-directing for too long.
i'm itching to be the one calling the shots.
i am ready.
bring 'em on... it's time to rock and roll.

addi Posted: Mon Apr 25 08:43:24 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  chan said:

>i am ready.
>bring 'em on... it's time to rock and roll.

A positive outlook is half the battle.
Go get 'em, chan!

*and if you ever need any extras for the videos i work cheaply.

breeze Posted: Mon Apr 25 14:52:28 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Good luck, Chanz! *Hugs* I'm sure you gonna do great

antartica Posted: Wed Apr 27 11:46:55 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  up or down or whatever.... we're always behind you Brah...



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