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Now it's official
jennemmer Posted: Wed Jun 29 10:24:13 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  "Same-sex marriage law passes 158-133"

And this with a minority government that barely managed to get the budget approved.

addi Posted: Wed Jun 29 10:30:32 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Well there goes the neighborhood.

: )

jasco1982_2000 Posted: Wed Jun 29 12:09:54 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
there goes adam and steve

or saddam and eve....

I dont know anymore???????

Ill agree to disagree on each to his own and not get involved...

DanSRose Posted: Wed Jun 29 22:23:47 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Woo! I heart the Gays. They have the best parties and some of the best stories I've heard.

antartica Posted: Wed Jun 29 22:24:16 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  so what did adam get for a rib?
or was it a rib?

Silentmind Posted: Thu Jun 30 00:22:45 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I found some of the comments made by certain people involved kinda stupid. one was along the lines of "just because a majority of the politians voted for same sex marriage and just because many supported it, doesn't mean that the bill should have passed." I'm just glad that here in Canada we are allowing another minority the rights afforded to them under the Charter.

addi Posted: Thu Jun 30 06:44:18 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Just heard this morning on NPR radio that a similar law was passed in Spain...a predomanently catholic culture.
Those darn gays will stop nothing short of world domination!

*I just wish they would stop whistling at me in a demeaning manner when I walk past gay construction crews. I just know they're mentally dressing me.

Mesh Posted: Thu Jun 30 08:26:47 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  *Post Deleted*

FN Posted: Thu Jun 30 09:22:04 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Gay marriage is allowed in quite a few European countries, Belgium and the Netherlands included, and apparantly, Spain too.

jennemmer Posted: Thu Jun 30 10:29:01 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Now Alberta is talking about doing away with civil marrage all together. 'Cause requiring people to belong to a religion just so they can get married is a better alternative.

All the athiests out there in Alberta may lose their right to marrage because the government is homophobic.

Brilliant :p


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