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Book reading
breeze Posted: Wed Jun 29 15:06:13 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Indians 'world's biggest readers'

Indians are the world's biggest bookworms, reading on average 10.7 hours a week, twice as long as Americans, according to a new survey.

The NOP World Culture Score index surveyed 30,000 people in 30 countries from December 2004 to February 2005.
Analysts said self-help and aspirational reading could explain India's high figures.

Time spent on reading meant fewer hours watching TV and listening to the radio - India came fourth last in both.
The NOP survey of 30,000 consumers aged over 13 saw Thailand and China take second and third place respectively in average hours a week spent reading books, newspapers and magazines.

Britons and Americans scored about half the Indians' hours and Japanese and Koreans were even lower - at 4.1 and 3.1 hours respectively.
Social change

R Sriram, chief executive officer of Crosswords Bookstores, a chain of 26 book shops around India, says Indians are extremely entrepreneurial and reading "is a fundamental part of their being".

1. India 10.7 hours a week
2. Thailand 9.4
3. China 8
7. Russia 7.1
16. Australia 6.3
23. US 5.7
26. UK 5.3
29. Japan 4.1
30. S Korea 3.1
Global average 6.5
Source: NOP World Culture Score

"They place a great deal of emphasis on reading. That's the reason why they do well in education and universities abroad," he told the BBC News website.
"People educate themselves and deal with change throughout their lives. And the way to do that is to update themselves with books."

Mr Sriram says social changes have also made a difference: "Earlier people could turn to their parents and grandparents for advice. Now they turn to books."

Indian writer and editor, Tarun Tejpal, said the survey only made sense if it excluded the high numbers of illiterate Indians.

The National Readership Survey shows more than one-third of rural Indians and about 15% of the urban population is still illiterate.

"A lot of [book reading] is aspirational, getting ahead in the rat race, getting admission into schools and colleges etc. It has less to do with reading, more to do with rote," Mr Tejpal said.

Leading columnist, Venkateshwar Rao, told Britain's Sunday Times newspaper he could not see Indians flocking to book stores.

"Reading books just isn't a habit with them because they're not into cultural pursuits. It's not a part of their make-up. All they want to do is consume."
Mr Tejpal said: "A good book in India will sell only a few thousand copies, in the UK or US it could sell tens of thousands.

"It gives you a sense of what we value - in the UK or US if you haven't read a book in the bestseller list, you would be socially dead."

India's strong reading score may have helped push it down the TV and radio list.

Indians came fourth from bottom of the 30-strong list in both, with an average of 13.3 hours watching TV and 4.1 hours listening to the radio.

Thais were the biggest TV watchers, admitting to watching an average of 22.4 hours a week, while Argentineans listened to most radio.

How many hours a week do you usually read?

cookies&cream Posted: Wed Jun 29 16:05:17 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i read all the time. not always books, but whatever i find interesting. if i ever have a spare moment when i'm not helping around the house or here on GT i'm usually reading. i don't know how many hours i read, but it's a lot. i would read more if i could, but during the summer i probably read less than during the school year, textbooks not included.

addi Posted: Wed Jun 29 16:25:36 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Every night in bed. But not that long cuz I usually fall asleep in 20 minutes.
sometimes I have to read a lot at work, but it's usually school textbooks...or GT posts : )

Ahriman Posted: Wed Jun 29 20:32:17 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  No idea, just read the Da Vinci Code, took me a few car rides and a day at the mall to read it. Excellent book. Moving on to either the other two or some more Palahnuik.

libra Posted: Wed Jun 29 21:56:05 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  My mom always says that I talked non-stop from the age of 2 until i learned how to read, and then i read non-stop. But then there's a new twist to the story...i used to read non-stop, but then i got involved with GT, the internet, and school...and then a boyfriend.

I still read as much as I can, though. I'm currently reading The Things They Carried, which is really good.

And at the gym I read harry potter.

I'm not sure what I'm going to read after I finish the O'Brien book, though.

DanSRose Posted: Wed Jun 29 22:17:38 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  3-5 hours a day

Ed Posted: Wed Jun 29 23:09:49 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I don't know the actual numbers, but the only books I've only been reading are for class (except the few pages in Slaughterhouse Five that I got through after an test today).

antartica Posted: Thu Jun 30 00:36:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  right now if i can get even 20mins if recreational reading whilst commuting to and from work i'd be lucky...

but given the chance i'd say at least an hour to 2 a day

kurohyou Posted: Mon Jul 4 01:18:06 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Outside of work stuff 15-30 mins if I'm lucky. More on the weekends. Actually read the better part of today. Finished
"Zen and the Art of Archery" and I can't remember the author and "Stardust " by Neil Gaimen. Liked Stardust a lot. Quick read too.

I have a daily meditation book I read out of each morning, and then the news, breif scanning of what is going on in the world. Like Addi, GT Posts on and off through the course of the day, when I'm actually at my computer.

I wish I could read more though I do go in spurts when I read like I can't get enough of it, but then I won't read for a long time. I think a lot of it I can attribute to the fact that I tend to read a lot of non-fiction and that will burn me out pretty quick. Stardust is actually the first fictional book I've read in sometime. I've been working on balancing my reading styles so that doesn't happen.

Not that it matters...

Nikki Posted: Mon Jul 4 12:46:03 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  the stories here are most interesting
thought I'd share :-)


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