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How branded are you?
CorDrine Posted: Sun Jul 3 11:59:38 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I recently got an iPod mp3 player.
My favourite handphone is a Phillips, but I am drooling over Motorola phones.
Favourite soft drink must be a coke. Just seeing a McDonald logo can make me smile.
My chocolate must be from Royce.
I adore Nike shoes, and Timberland boots.
And I wish I own a pair of Levis Jeans.

And that is as branded I can get.
What about you?

Mouse Posted: Sun Jul 3 12:52:25 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  How branded?
Well not very. Why buy the name brand when you can buy the store knock-off for less?
Coke? Store brand cola is cheaper.
National brand canola oil? Why bother, I'm saving fourty cents for the no name stuff.
Some stuff you are better off going for a known brand, electronics especially.

I couldn't tell you the brand of the jeans I'm wearing without looking at the tag and I haven't worn shoes with 'the swoosh' on them in years.
I'll just claim it's my mother's training, depression era thrift passing a generation further than it was ever meant to.


libra Posted: Sun Jul 3 13:45:37 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i must say, sadly, that i am very branded. Like a lot of american kids, and people in other countries i'm sure, i have this idea that buying name brands is better. I really only buy clothes from American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and a few other stores. Shoes are Puma or Converse generally, but when i went to get shoes for the gym, it was Nike that i purchased. My purses are Fossil, my sunglasses are too. My facewash is Dermalogica and Clinique. My car had to be something well-known too. I have a honda civic.

I can generally tell what kind of jeans someone is wearing by the detail on the back pockets. And I notice when someone has a nice brand more often than noticing that someone looks good in them.

Sad, i know.

libra Posted: Sun Jul 3 13:48:16 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  oh, and as far as electronics go...i have a samsung phone, a sony discman, an ipod, a canon digital camera, and i just got an ibook.

Mark Posted: Sun Jul 3 14:12:35 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have a Nokia cell phone, but I couldn't care less which brand it is. Have shoes from Fila, looking for replacements... and again don't really care about the brand.

The only thing I can think of that should be a specific brand is my PC CPU... I want it to be an Intel.

ifihadahif Posted: Sun Jul 3 16:32:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Couldn't care less about name brands as long as it's a quality made product.

Generally speaking, a name brand used to get popular because of it's quality.
Now it just seems to be how well it's marketed.

Mark Posted: Sun Jul 3 16:38:39 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  filthy mcnasty said:
>Generally speaking, a name brand used to get popular because of it's quality.
>Now it just seems to be how well it's marketed.
(read: Windows '95) ... :p

kurohyou Posted: Sun Jul 3 20:23:23 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Not terribly branded. I don't really pay that much attention. I've got two pairs of nike tennis shoes, one pair that is two years old the other pair older. I am pretty random when it comes to jeans, whatever works and wherever I am. I think the two pairs I have now are Levi's or Lee Jeans, the two before that, (which are now work jeans) were Lands End.

I buy work shoes at Walmart, replace the insoles and they'll last me two years plus, give or take what I'm doing.

I operate off of Dell computers, but had compaq machines before that. Two of my Dell's were purchased by my company so I can't reall complain.

I'm begining to dislike food chains, though they are convinent when necessary. I'll eat breakfast at McDonalds, frequent starbucks (drinking hot tea, no double mocha chilled frappachino w/ chai mutant beverages) I eat a lot of asian food at various small restraunts around town here.

So I suppose I'm moderatly branded, but not conscious of it. I operate under a "whatever works" mindset most times.

Not that it matters...

breeze Posted: Sun Jul 3 21:42:26 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  libra said:
>I can generally tell what kind of jeans someone is wearing by the detail on the back pockets. And I notice when someone has a nice brand more often than noticing that someone looks good in them.
>Sad, i know.

I'm joining you on this one, libra. I also can tell the brand by just giving a quick look and it is sad. But I have to admit that i'm very branded too.

Most of my everyday clothes come from American Eagle, A&F, Guess? but alslo I just discovered Zara stores as i'm trying to move to different style in clothes. Jeans - Diesel or Lucky Brand Dungarees. Shoes - Puma for everyday, and ALDO for office. Business clothes -United Colors of Benetton and Banana Republic. Cosmetics - Sephora or Lancome. Gym shoes - Nike. Racquets (tennis, squash) - Head. Beer - Corona Extra. Music players - iPod.

Some of it though is an influence of the life style of people around. In my job (investment banking) everyone expects you to wear very nice expensive suits and branded accessories, because of the clientele. and these are people you don't just meet in the office, but on a lot of outside activities as well..

I'm not really picky about food chains though and even though there are couple of places I prefer over the others, I don't really stick to any one single place.

Frin Posted: Sun Jul 3 22:25:02 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm 15 so my mum still loves to fuss over me and cook my dinner. I'd rather her cooking over any fast food chain out there. I do like Chinese takeaway (Thai is lovely too) and when I went to America I lived off Subway and Happy Meals. But I’d rather a nice sandwich than a packet of fries, and I dislike soft drink. I find ‘fast food’ expensive and nowhere near as tasty as something I could find in the kitchen so I pack my own lunch to avoid the tuckshop at school. (And images from “Supersize Me” lurk in the back of my mind.
As for clothing, I'm with kuro, it's 'whatever works' rather than brands. I got my favourite jeans from Coles, and they rule. If you'd call 'band t-shirts' brand named clothing than I'd have to say I'm extremely branded as all I wear on my top half are my favourite AFI and Nirvana shirts.

DanSRose Posted: Sun Jul 3 23:17:44 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm with hif, I mean Mr. McNasty on this one. For a lot of things, brandness does imply quality. Sometimes, for me at least, it's because of comfort. The cheaper things maybe cheap, but sometimes you pay for what you get.

Zacq Posted: Sun Jul 3 23:31:56 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  What's a brand?

Well, for clothing I buy whatever jeans are most comfortable and any black shirt with humorous black writing I can find.

I like Stop & Shop brand food better than other food because it's what I've grown up with and am used to.

If there's one thing I really care about the brand for, it's mulch. I hate mulch with low quality bags. I understand that the ones on the bottom of the pallet are going to rip a little, but none of the others should during the moving process. And Fafard top soil and container mix is the best.

There are some brands I try and avoid if possible, such as Linksys for not having the correct drivers. And if I were a golfer, I wouldn't have Titleist golf balls. Just cuz.

misszero Posted: Mon Jul 4 00:06:32 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  most of my clothes came from thrift stores, and random 'thrift' boutiques. or i made them myself. when i was in high school, my backpack came from a discount chain (and was plain and nice). i won't spend more than $4 on a bottle of shampoo, and my hair's nice and shiny. My shoes come from where-ever cute shoes come from, and the most expensive pair were about $60 (this is in aust dollars. about equal to the canadian) and had been marked down from about $100. they lasted about 3 years, of basically everyday wear. my current everyday shoes are little black flats that cost $15.96 (with my woolwortyhs limited employee discount card). i have a NES, and a SNES, but there is a playstation 2 in my house. my computers are mutant hybrid type things that my father built. *shrugs*

Dancer Posted: Mon Jul 4 00:09:11 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i try not to be a branded person, i buy for the design more than brand..

but for electronic items, i go for brands just that they are more established and thus more reliable.
i am using ibook and a ipod shuffle, ipaq , panasionic F1 digital cam, and a siemens SF65 cell.

for clothing wise, i wear anything light and cottony. jeans, i go for levi's. sneakers..more for the color, any brand will do. perfumes has to be branded though.

i think i'm not branded.. i associate a branded person as someone who will fashion shop at boutiques, carry pradas, LV, wear GUCCI, armani,etc

Zacq Posted: Mon Jul 4 10:20:04 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  misszero said:
>i have a NES, and a SNES, but there is a playstation 2 in my house.

Maybe someone who started playing now wouldn't think so, but coming from someone who has played console games through the ages starting with NES, SNES had the best games of any gaming system so far (better than XBox, Sega, N64, whatever you can think of). Maybe I've spent more time enjoying Halo 2, but of their time, the Super Nintendo games were better.

I still have SNES with about fifteen games, but I only have NES on emulator now.

Zacq Posted: Mon Jul 4 10:21:22 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I meant to put this in the last post.

A few have mentioned wanting the iPod brand, and you shouldn't automatically associate them with quality. The older generations had a pretty high failure rate for such an expensive item. I don't know about the newer ones.

erikagm Posted: Mon Jul 4 13:35:04 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I am terribly branded, I hate to admit.

Start off with the underwear. They have to be brand name, even if it's a cheap brand name, but it's one that I trust. Generally Hanes her way. Bras vary. Usually Playtex.

Clothes. Old Navy, Gap, Mossimo, Merona, DKNY, Banana Republic, Talbots... Mostly anything branded goes. I also buy at flea markets, but oddly enough, anything I pick out ends up being of one of the brands that I like.

Shoes. Skechers, converse, nike, hush puppies, or anything from Ross or some other store like that that I like.

Electrics/electronics. My washer is a 22 lbs Easy washer. My blender is Osterizer, as well as my mixer. My stove is a brand called Mabe, popular here in Mexico. My fridge is Acros, from the Whirlpool family. My TV is a philips, as is my DVD player. My stereo is an Aiwa, my discman used to be a Sony, my handheld is a Palm. I dont own a PC, but when I do, I plan for it to be an HP. Most of my power tools as well as my iron at home are Black n Decker. My car will be a Nissan when I get it. My watch is a Citizen.

Now, I buy quality, not names. The brands that I picked are mostly because I, or someone in my family had previously owned that specific product with that brand name and it functioned perfectly for a long amount of time. No complaints with any of my items so far. Stereo's about dying on me, but with the way I've treated it (my cats have knocked it off its shelf more than once) and considering how long I've had it (like 6 years), and how much it cost to begin with (90 USD), then I certainly can't complain.

Clothes? Same thing. I wont buy something even if its a brand that I like if I look at it and it looks badly made.

Which reminds me... Zara is a store that has been here in Mexico for a while. It's a store from Spain. And from what I've heard from friends in Spain, it's like buying clothes off the rack in Walmart over there. So, even though it's "hip" to own those clothes here in Mexico, I refuse to buy anything from them. Way too overpriced anyway.

See ya!

erikagm Posted: Mon Jul 4 13:36:48 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh. And all of my cellphones starting with the first one I ever owned have been Nokia. They can take a beating, which is exactly what I need from a cellphone. I drop them constantly.

And SNES rules. This coming from someone who started out on ATARI. I still own one. And I just gave away an original NES with about 20 games to a friend. Stupid of me.

iggy Posted: Mon Jul 4 14:04:30 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  same here... i love erm brands.

tees - ok this is where i am really simple. i love vintage teeshirts. i go for the design and the material and cut.
nothing too baggy... nor too tight either. well worn. well washed. and looks comfortable.
jeans - my weakness are G-star jeans. it's a little expensive but the cut and details are really good. they just mould into you.

Shoes. any brand as long as they are old school. yup i love designs from the 70s and 80s. and i do have a weakness for kenneth cole and camper shoes. and they last.

macs for computers.
and well... anything that's mac compatible.
i love electronic toys... and sometimes i go haywire...

i don't wear much accessories, other than a necklace...
and i guess the only other accessory are my watches.
i love watches... franck muller, cartiers, tag hauers, chaumet, and some other watches in my collection. they are a little pricey but they do last a lifetime...

i'm easy. just as long as they're black and they're well... leather lol.
my current one is a simple leather card holder.

well that's it

Zacq Posted: Mon Jul 4 14:11:55 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I basically said I wasn't branded and just realized what my last big purchase was.

I bought a guitar a few weeks ago and was determined to get either Ibanez or a Fender, and not just because they're likely to be high quality. Oh well.

I think I remember saying I wanted to learn to play the guitar on GT a few months back. Yay me.

FN Posted: Mon Jul 4 16:09:37 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have an ipod, didn't buy it myself but got is as an unexpected gift, and I must say I've enjoyed it quite a lot since I got it, though not as much as some people seem to do.

If I drink a "soft drink", it's usually coke.

When buying clothes or shoes brands don't matter at all. I don't know enough about that sort of thing to make any valid descision about which brand to wear anyway. If it fits it's good. Although my last 2 pairs of shoes have been from the same brand, Art, which was a coïncidence though.

I don't intentionally avoid brands, and I don't intentionally go searching for them. When I go shopping I just pick what I like and usually only know if it's a brand or not when I have to pay for it.

As for razors, I use the gilette series, including the green shaving gel thing. That's what I happened to pick up the first time I had to get a razor and it works fine, so I don't feel the need to change it.

Mobile phones have always been nokia's, good quality and never had any problems with them, so I don't feel the need to change that either.

FN Posted: Mon Jul 4 16:14:14 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I must say though that it seems like I have a bit of a dormant distaste towards chains, like mc donalds, panos, quick, whatever.

I dunnow, but I like diversity, and in my opinion chains like that suck the diversity out of an economy.

I'd rather have 5 organisations in my area that each own 2 stores than 1 organisation that owns all 10, you know?

FN Posted: Mon Jul 4 16:17:05 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Excuse all the spelling mistakes, I'm dead tired and my friends who didn't go along on vacation are bugging me to go out with them as well and it's making me all confused.

addi Posted: Mon Jul 4 16:48:00 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Christophe said:

>If I drink a "soft drink", it's usually coke.

in Atlanta it's coke..everything's coke. I'm cutting back on my soda intake though. Maybe one a day at lunch and that's it.

>I don't intentionally avoid brands, and I don't intentionally go searching for them.

Pretty much the same with me, except for jeans..I like Levi's.

>As for razors, I use the gilette series, including the green shaving gel thing.

Me too. No electric shavers for me. I find the Mach III razors are good for the bikini area too
: )

libra Posted: Mon Jul 4 16:50:29 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  after reading a few other people's...i must say that i am branded when it comes to everything except for food, probably.

I despise chain restaurants, if that's even what you can call them, and hardly ever go to them. I'd much rather go to a cute family owned italian, chinese, or thai place.

And bookstores/music stores too...i'd rather buy books from local places than going to Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Ed Posted: Mon Jul 4 17:02:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There's some reliability in popularity pointing out quality.
I won't buy off-brand electronics unless I get a warranty or something that will let me trade for another brand if the one I chose fucks up. It's sad to see people buy cheap crappy dvd players that don't even last a year. (Oritron sucks)

My Vans are pissing me off and need to be duct-taped. Gordman's doesn't carry a consistent supply of Macgear pants in a variety of sizes. I can't wear shirts with excessive amounts of printing on them. Croft & Barrow's cool.

I'm not a big fan of cotton unless the weather is right for it or if I'm lounging about the house.

innocenceNonus Posted: Mon Jul 4 19:54:58 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Not very branded. I tend to just buy what I like or whatever's cheapest.

The only thing I actually care about being branded is probably my shoes. But those don't have to be a big brand; just a good one. New Balence and Old Navy and Converse. Woohoo.

But I'll buy cheap shoes if I know I won't wear them for long.

FN Posted: Mon Jul 4 21:40:54 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  innocenceNonus said:
>But I'll buy cheap shoes if I know I won't wear them for long.

I only have 1 pair of shoes at a time (not including sports shoes for running and stuff like that).

I always tend to pick "dressed" shoes anyway, so I don't have to have a "good" and a "dirty" pair, or pairs.

Same goes for clothes, my clothes are usually suited for going clubbing and going out to diner or haning around the house at the same time. I don't own many clothes either. Like 5-6 t-shirts and a few long sleeved t-shirts and about 4-5 pairs of pants. And whenever I feel it's time to get rid of them I throw them out, usually all at the same time, and get an entire new warderobe. But clothes and shoes always last me a long time.

I've never seen the use of having truckloads of clothes that you're not wearing anyway, or 5 pairs of shoes so you never know which one to pick. It's not efficient if you ask me.

iggy Posted: Mon Jul 4 23:42:24 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
erm i dun really care abt the design.
the 2 things i look in a phone is that
1) inbuilt camera for my blog.
2) it must run on symbian operating software for my applications i.e msn mobile and email.

that's all :)

choke Posted: Tue Jul 5 04:20:36 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I don't pay a lot for my clothes, I like what I like, and thankfully it's not popular, so not very expensive. I usually end up drawing on them anyway :P

I eat mcdonalds, because I get cravings for cheeseburgers that nothing else will satisfy. And fries. I even like their ice goddammit. I fill up cups of it and eat it all day :(

All my electronic stuff is bung because I'm careless.

I draw.. On everything :/ Schoolbags, phones, clothes, workbooks, stationary, desks... Who needs money when you've got a pen :D

laurie Posted: Tue Jul 5 05:51:03 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thinking about this, i really am very branded. I own a (very bashed about) ipod, my jeans have to be from topshop (though i like to think this is because my legs are short and the whole world of jeans is biased against me except that one three metre square petite section) on my feet are worn to death converses.
I recently had to buy a new rucksack after my old friend that I bought for five pounds exploded maticulously orgainised folders of notes onto the floor, I bought a rediculously overpriced eastpack, it makes me sick to think about it, but it was pink. So i guess I'm becoming more and more branded....

addi Posted: Tue Jul 5 07:22:15 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  laurie said:

>I recently had to buy a new rucksack

“You will help me get my rucksack down for the Swedish meatballs?”
(Trading Places)

: )

Nikki Posted: Tue Jul 5 07:30:52 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  

FN Posted: Tue Jul 5 07:39:42 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  addi said:
>Me too. No electric shavers for me. I find the Mach III razors are good for the bikini area too
>: )

I use the mach III series too.

Electric razors are too feminin for my taste.

I like to live on the edge.


Nikki Posted: Tue Jul 5 08:40:33 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mmmmm Christophe you are just soooo hot and sexy!!! :-)

Mesh Posted: Tue Jul 5 08:56:34 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Schick Quatro!

I guess I am pretty branded, but I dont ABSOLUTELY have to have name brand/expensive brand things.

Ahriman Posted: Tue Jul 5 12:46:06 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm wearing a shirt my sis brought me back from russia, hurray for russian propaganda. Jeans missing the labels, shoes called GBX?, hanes boxers. I have to say the only big brands I associate myself with are Mac and Starbucks

misszero Posted: Wed Jul 6 03:48:32 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Zacq said:
>NES, SNES had the best games of any >gaming system so far

yeah, that's how i felt. i never had one as a kid, but i played it at other people's houses. My ex bf had a NES emulator that i fooled around with, but then a console came into his work (yeah, gamer store, rock!) so i bought it, and its fun, and then i got my SNES for christmas and its mega awesome. i get too overwhelmed by other games.


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