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Scientific Unknowns
Mesh Posted: Wed Jul 6 01:20:05 2005 Post | Quote in Reply

Has list of 125. Essays for the top 25.

addi Posted: Wed Jul 6 07:41:19 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thanks for the link, Mesh. Interesting will take awhile to get through the essays, but it's things that fascinate me.

I browsed through one of them at work "What Genetic Changes Made Us Uniquely Human?"
and already learned something new:

"...some rats seem to giggle when tickled."

I had to smile thinking about a group of scientists in white lab coats grouped around a rat trying to get it to giggle...

Scientist 1: Try touching him on his belly.

Scientist 2: Hmmm...nothing. Maybe if you used a feather.

Scientist 3: No no, you idiots! You have to use baby talk when you do it. Say "qoochi qoochi qoo" when you do it...and you really love the rat..

Scientist 2: Hey! I think he giggled!

Scientist 1: I don't think that was a giggle...It sounded like he said, "Touch me there again and I'll give you the plague."

yeah..I'm really concentrating on my work today


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