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megsie45 Posted: Thu Sep 8 13:18:47 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Does anyone remember that scene in Day After Tomorrow when the Americans rushed the Mexican border, trying to seek shelter in the wake of a brutal storm? I read a news report today that said Mexican army convoys are on their way to New Orleans to aid in the disaster relief effort. I had found that scene in the movie disturbing, and I find it even more disturbing that in real life we look towards the Mexican government to help bail us out when our government took its sweet time in response to the worst natural disaster ever to hit the U.S.

My mom is a public health nurse and a coordinator in the Nassau County Department of Emergency Management. She's been trained in how to prepare and respond to terrorist attacks, virus outbreaks, and hurricane relief. She spent hours and days after September 11th doing drills in preparation for another terrorist attack, and she recently went to a local shelter to run it when a bad storm threatened Long Island and they were calling for possible evacuations. The storm, luckily for us, amounted to nothing. As everybody now knows, that's not the same for Katrina and the Gulf Coast.

My mom was asked if she was willing to volunteer if they decide to call up public health nurses to go down to New Orleans and the surrounding area to administer vaccinations and advise the general public on how to protect themselves from the virtual onslaught of disease-carrying germs that are sure to plague the area for years. Teach people how long to boil water, what's safe to eat and what should be avoided and other things along those lines. How to clean the house, if there is a house left. She said yes, of course, right away... So now she has to sit and wait. Because the government -- federal, state, local, what have you -- is leisurely deciding whether or not they should call up the public health nurses... the national guard... the security... the food trucks, the morgue attendents, the scientists, the architects, the construction workers, the people who can help rebuild these towns while there is still hope for these towns to be saved. A hope that probably had expired in the days immediately after the hurricane when the government -- again, federal, state and local -- got too wrapped up in the blame game to realize that what everyone needed was help now instead of wasting days deciding who was responsible for helping. I think that in this scenario the threat of too many cooks in the kitchen had the important people scared shitless, and because of that we're faced with thousands and thousands of people dead and dying.

I had thought that the heartbreaking events of September 11th had taught America and our government that we could never, ever, be caught with our thumbs up our asses again. I have obviously thought wrong. We were too busy looking overseas for possible threats, fighting a war that now, more than ever, is pointless, irrational and stupid. We need to focus now on the war that Mother Nature ravaged on us.

ifihadahif Posted: Wed Sep 14 15:19:39 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Sometimes they just get it right:

Sometimes they get it right: "The fact remains that this was a cataclysmic, epic natural disaster and great suffering was unavoidable. The time to figure out what went wrong and perhaps assign blame is not now. It will come soon enough and then it won't end. Those who are pushing agendas of accusation now are mostly doing so from self-interest or sanctimony. America has developed a bad habit of insisting that when bad things happen to people, someone must pay, someone must be to blame. It's the spirit of litigation and too many of our politicians, like ambulance chasers, are preying on it. It's embarrassing. Most people thought 9/11 would bring the country together and ease the so-called culture wars. It may have for some, but certainly not for the politically engaged. And so it will be with Katrina"óDick Meyer, editorial director of

addi Posted: Wed Sep 14 15:51:20 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  megsie45 said:

>We were too busy looking overseas for possible threats, fighting a war that now, more than ever, is pointless, irrational and stupid. We need to focus now on the war that Mother Nature ravaged on us.

I must have missed this thread entirely. Well said, megsie...and welcome to the forum if you're new here.


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