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On this day . . .
ifihadahif Posted: Fri Nov 11 09:31:28 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The month of November means so many things to all of us... the fall colors, times of rememberance, the coming of holidays... especially Thanksgiving ... but for many of your fellow team members, your families, and friends ...this day means so much more. Today is a day that many forget is even a holiday. I guess the reason is because it's not a day off or a day that is celebrated by all U.S. citizens. Today is a day of honor. A day of Valor. A day of Tribute beyond all others. We celebrate July 4th, for the reasons of which those honored on this day, alone are the reason. Your Freedom and your independence fought over 17 wars within our Country's history are the reasons we have these holidays. The men and women that served so well... diligently struggling to hold a line, forge through weather, bullets and tears, writing letters home through heartache and memories.
These Patriots giving all for so many they would never meet. Defending those who even oppose their very existence.. they never waiver. It is the call to duty that these servicemen and women feel much deeper than just an occupation. The sense of defense and pride for a nation that gave them opportunity, education, and freedom to choose. In their choice, they chose to defend this great nation,you, your children, and 'Our Flag'. Meaning so much to so many, they defended a symbol for which we all feel humble to see and unveil. It is that symbol... raised at ballgames, magnetized to cars, and never dropped in battle that shows all others... that we our of a proud democracy... a free nation by which all are welcome... a symbol to show our history, our faith, and our losses.
The 13 colonies the stripes represent to the 50 stars of our states, are amplified by the colors for blood shed in the search for independence and the purity of the nation she would become. America the beautiful, while a great song, would not be so grand if not for those who died for its writer. The Star Spangled Banner cannot exemplify the feeling enough of what it means to have freedom. It is from these Americans that on this day we pay tribute. On this day we say thank you... and on this day... That we ask God to Bless them and their families in their day of rememberance.
I know as a Veteran that my pride for our nation will never subside.. and it only takes the look of that child struggling in a crowd to see the servicemen walking in parade formation, holding a small flag, and saluting... to remind me of what my time was meant for. I'm sure my brothers and sisters who served know this all too well. My request is simply to ask that those who have served and those who respect those who have given up their freedom to defend yours... say a prayer for our men and women still in Middle East today. There will be no parade for them, no parties, no childrens programs at school for patriotism... it will be the fight, the hunger, and mental challenges of war that they will face like every other day they are there. Remember them ... they defend us to this day and for many days to come...
God Bless all of the Vets... I'm am not only your brother... but in your debt. I owe you my life...

FN Posted: Fri Nov 11 11:28:51 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  ifihadahif said:
>no childrens programs at school for patriotism...

What? I never heard there was something like that.

Posted: Fri Nov 11 13:05:02 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Happy Rememberance Day


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