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Seeking Poetry/short story submissions.
Laika Posted: Tue Nov 29 08:54:28 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Named after the Soviet spacedog Laika Poetry Review is an online poetry and short story journal that seeks to promote a literary counterculture.
Our inspirations are the alternative poets, the prophets rather than the kings who chose the ditch to the middle-of the road. It is a counter-culture that stretches from Rimbaud and Baudelaire back to Li Po, who drowned in the Yangtze River while attempting to drunkenly embrace the moon. We believe poetry must be seized from the snobs and post-modern charlatans who have stolen it. In the process we will seek to give poetry back its danger and its accessibility.
We are currently accepting poetry and short story submissions details of which can be found on the site. We want you to be as imaginative as possible, think magical realism with a radical edge. Surprise us.

Mesh Posted: Thu Mar 30 03:01:40 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  This thread is really going places.


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