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boondock743 Posted: Thu Jan 26 22:20:35 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  well theirs this girl iv like for some time now and i was going to ask her to prom.
however my big mouthed friend talked to her. he told her i liked her alot and as it turns out she likes me and thinks im cute but... she doesnt date guys.....fuck.
so now i dont have a prom date and i feel pretty disappointed.
i hate feeling depressed.... im gonna go light a bowl.

FN Posted: Fri Jan 27 01:13:34 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  She doesn't date guys? What does she date? Shizophrenic marsupials or is she the "rodent with an attitude" kind of girl?

Bullshit, I say.

addi Posted: Fri Jan 27 07:20:09 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  explain the "she doesn't date guys" line please

Mesh Posted: Fri Jan 27 07:59:01 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yes. Is she a lesbian or what? Or is it "against her religious convictions"?

DanSRose Posted: Fri Jan 27 09:32:49 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Or just doesn't waste time with potheads?

Aeon Posted: Fri Jan 27 14:53:05 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I don't think she was interested. Really, though, we'd have to get clarification on the "doesn't date guys" and if she ACTUALLY said she liked you or if she just said "Yeah, he's cute... but I'm not dating right now." Because it's in the subtleties.

FN Posted: Fri Jan 27 15:03:44 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yeah, given the context, cute might translate into porkface.

kurohyou Posted: Mon Jan 30 22:31:16 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Why not ask her anyway? Tell her nothing serious, you just want to take her to the prom. Split the meal if you'd like. Don't make it a high pressure senario, just try to make it fun.

I did that my senior year. The girl I went to prom w/ didn't have a date, neither did I, so we went together. I danced w/ her a few times but mostly we just hung out. I was trying to find the roof of the building at various points during the evening to see if some I knew could fly, but alas, I was unsuccessful.

But I digress...

Maybe if she doesn't feel pressure she'd be willing to be a tag along and you all could have a real fun time. And who knows. once that door is open you may be able to get more clarification on the "doesn't date guys" thing, or you may open the door to something else.

You never know...that's part of the fun...

For what it's worth...


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