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boondock743 Posted: Mon Feb 13 20:30:35 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I recently got caught smoking weed by my parents. It realy sux but besides the fact that i broke national law idont think that i did anything wrong. I don't think its moraly wrong to smoke weed. Its the same basic concept of alcohol only its smoked. there is nothin wrong with smokin weed unless ur religious or sumthin. I never abused it persay. I neversmoked to get away from my problems (i think that is a real bitch way of dealing with problems). I only smoked in moderation. I never did anythin dangerous or stupid (as far as potentialy physicaly harmful). i never did anything other than drink and smoke. I never did meth, cocain, acid, extacy, shrooms, bars, koketamines, GHB, heroine, crack, salvia etc... I can understand they didnt want me to do it but my mom flipped out. My dad was pretty reasonable but it was my mom that pissed me off because when ever she doesnt get somthin her way she has to bitch, complain and shout about it. My parents hate the fact that i have ideas, concepts, philosophies, and morals that are not shared by them. They got realy mad at me because i lied to them about it but what the hell did they expect me to do.What is right or wrong is all based upon the individual. Personaly I have absolutly no desire to think like them or have the same views on life as they do because my moms very religious and my dad gets way too angry at the smallest shit imaginable and when i told them that my got even more mad. I dot think they relize that they cant actualy stop me. If i am dead set on smoking i'll find a way to do it. I guess what im getting at is "WHAT THE FUCK IS THEIR PROBLEM?"

antartica Posted: Tue Feb 14 02:22:45 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  boondock743 said:

coz they've never been there... chill, lay low for a while and next time don't do it at home... heheh

ifihadahif Posted: Tue Feb 14 07:00:43 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I dot think they relize that they cant actualy stop me. If i am dead set on smoking i'll find a way to do it.
Actually they probably do realize that and that's one of the things that is flipping them out. I don't know how old you are, but their reaction would probably have been much the same if they caught you drinking.
You must force yourself to understand the reasons for their concern. It's because they care about you.
If they didn't care about you, they would just let you do whatever the hell you wanted as long as you left when you turned 18.
I smoked pot for 35yrs of my life and let me assure you that is a "gateway drug".
Pot by itself is pretty much harmless, inasmuch as any drug can be harmless.
But if you continue to smoke it, make sure you do it in moderation.
In my life, I have seen almost no one who smoked pot, that didn't go on to harder drugs. No most of them didn't end up in jail or shelters. Most chronic drug abusers end up with dysfunctional families, and dead end jobs and living in the proverbial trailer park.
My own personal experience was that the drugs robbed me of my goals and ambition other than to get more drugs.
I still made it to all my son's games and practices, but I never was able to buy him the nice things he wanted, I left that to grandma and grandpa because I was too busy getting high.
I could go on an on with a lot of horror stories, but I don't need to preach to you.
Moderation is the key. If you practice moderation, then pot is a wonderful thing. That's no shit.

DanSRose Posted: Tue Feb 14 11:36:06 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Because it's a drug and reflects poorly on them.
In moderation, like everything including wine and/or cheese, it's an okay thing. But if you were dumb enough or hooked enough to use in a spot where you could and would get caught, them you should have gotten caught, if only to make you realize that being a whiny teenager who thinks good parenting is bad.
Also you lied to them. That removes a lot of your righteous self-indignation.

choke Posted: Tue Feb 14 17:26:54 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There's no way you can really be self righteous about this kindof thing. Your opinion doesn't really matter when it comes to consequences and if I was you I'd just let it lie. Accept your punishment because let's face it you can't expect your parents to accept you smoke pot. If you seriously didn't think you would get in trouble for it you wouldn't have made any effort to hide it. Just be more careful next time. And realize that it is your decision, your risk, your consequences.


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