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nshn - the best of mix
iggy Posted: Tue May 9 04:18:04 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  after 9 nshn mixes, (you have to figure out which one is the 9th nshn mix *wink*)
i've decided to do 2 special best of mixes.
this is the first part of the best of mix,
perfect for late night chillouts, mornings, or just when you need a mix to just lie back and relax.
think of it as an aural foreplay

hope you enjoy it as much as i did doing my mixes.

mister maroon

1. breathe (intro) by telepopmusik
2. komorebi by the hijiyama project
3. yma by boozoo bajou
4. secret fish by lux
5. the call by catoma (feat. pathaan)
6. kissing by bliss
7. merry christmas, mr lawrence by ryuchi sakamoto

addi Posted: Tue May 9 07:10:16 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  good mix, chan.
Nice photo too.


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