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Remembering Dad
charles Posted: Sat Jun 17 01:04:50 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hi my name is Charles and Its coming up to the 39th anniversary of my
dad,s death ( Gordon Haskell).

He was 47 and I was 14. It's really weird because it only seems like
yesterday that he died and never a day goes by without me thinking of him.

When i found this grief support group i thought relatives remembered might
be helpful to you, so please don't think i am spamming.

My Dad was cremated and I really regret that there is no real grave that I can visit.
I wanted a way to permanently express my feelings and share them with family and
friends, so I created to be a free resource to help others.
Also it gives me a place to visit as there is no grave.

My dad's memorial page:

If it is of help to you, or you can think of any way to improve it please don't hesitate
to drop me an email.

My condolences for your own loss and all best wishes to you from me.

Cherry_Moon Posted: Sat Jun 17 02:52:29 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm sorry for your losses charles.

but gt isn't a plug site.
it's kinda sad that you'd use your dad's death as a way to plug a new website you built. i know you miss/love him. but get a web banner, get on the google list, place ads elsewhere.

again. sorry for your loss. my birth dad died. not really sorry he's gone - wasn't a great man. not very men are all that great. but meh. i don't come up and use a death or etc for a sympathy plug. thanks.

no intention to hurt anyone's little feelings.

Mouse Posted: Sat Jun 17 12:26:58 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Uh huh...

When you drop out of nowhere and double post a thread, and claim your not spamming, you are spamming. By definition.
Thanks for the link though, I might consider using the site.



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