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Me at V
Beep Posted: Tue Aug 15 18:14:34 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Don't you just love last minute bidding on Ebay. it's a bit like fishing, with everyone going after the same fish. It is possibly the most exciting sport in the world, after maybe darts or soemthing.
I am now the proud owner of 4 tickets to V festival 2006, headlined by radiohead (!) and morrisey and faithless amongst loads of other amazing bands, and i'm gloating. i love a gloat.
i just need to find a 4th person to go with... mmm spare ticket.

JesusOnline Posted: Tue Aug 15 21:48:49 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Considered going to V myself, but work commitments meant I couldn't make it.
I'm going to the Carling Leeds festival instead - having just done T in the Park too.

So many bands, not enough time to see them all I guess, but a part from the obvious big names. I'd aim to see We Are Scientists - who blew me away to T.

mat_j Posted: Wed Aug 16 20:45:17 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Should have been going to Reading this year, but i'm moving into a new flat instead.

heigh ho

Beep Posted: Tue Aug 22 17:20:31 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Got back some time yesterday. good times.
Faithless were one of the best bands ever, everyone was going mental. I moved all over the field with random dancing. glow sticks are the bomb.
Regina Spektor was so good she almost made me cry.
Radiohead were pretty cool. Beck was quite good. the young knives were very good too.

I wasn't all that impressed with WAS. what they said was realy funny, but they weren't all that tight, and i wasn't really drawn in by them. they were ok don't get me wrong, but nothing special.

I have one regret, which is that i met the girl of my dreams and let her walk away.
well, i was waiting for we are scientists, i was on my own, because i'd left my mates to see a different band and then we were going to meet up at WAS, but that was never going to happen as there were thousands of people...
anyway, infront of me was an amazing girl , we got on really well, she was just perfect, heh. she was on her own too because she'd ditched her friends because they were watching keane, heh. after WAS i went to see regina spektor, and instead of asking her to come with me, i, like a fool, let her go find her friends, thinking i'd be able to see her again in radiohead or something. i never saw her again and didn't even ask for her number...
her name was lilly.
alas, next time i wont be so stupid.


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