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I have to....
Mesh Posted: Thu Sep 28 20:57:37 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  lay off ten people. The company I became a warehouse foreman for(in July) has implemented some new procedures, and has received some new machinery and computer systems. This makes it so that less people are required for the same amount, and even a greater amount, of work. So the owners tell me I have to choose ten people to go. This sucks some major balls, let me tell you. Every single person here is an excellent worker, goes above and beyond, yada yada yada. That means I have to choose people who are still super workers, better than could be hoped for really, and because they are not quite as extraordinary as the others, though they are still supremely awesome, tell them they no longer have a job.

That blows. That is all. How is everyone else?

Kira Posted: Thu Sep 28 23:59:04 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have a new puppy. He likes to cuddle.

I will send him over to cheer you up if you like. :( That sucks Mesh.

addi Posted: Fri Sep 29 06:55:53 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  That truly sucks, mesh. I would just HATE to be put in that position.

One way you could avoid your responsibility in the matter is to tell them Mohammed spoke to you in a dream and named the ten that must get canned. I mean if Jesus talks to Bush certainly it's plausible that Mohammed talks to mesh.

Mesh Posted: Fri Sep 29 22:17:55 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I decided today who goes. I tell them Monday.


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