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choke Posted: Tue Feb 6 06:35:01 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  And what could we talk about, in our escapist daze, if not the place we never think to leave?

When you turn our roundabout for the first time, slow toward the mountains with bright eyes
Curiosity, you, we stand, silently deliver. Consider revising. Are you a fragment? Or just fragmented?
Carry on, consider revising.

If you would ask how to be a child here,
Iíd show you every scar on every playground Iíve ever been.
I would muse I guess I found a youth here,
amongst pale sheets and dirty feet.
Thirsty, drip fed hours, twisting afternoons into castles with these sisters,
spiral enough chair trains and dressed voices for a play to last forever.
The ball kicked over your path
And retrieved by the smallest child with the baleful eye
Does not make you special, good, or bad,
But only one of many forgotten passed by.

Yes, you could be a child here.

Could you grow up here?
Bringing your holidays home
Every first you ever encountered brought to rest here
To use again or to pass along.
There is a long term of hurt somewhere,
Jagged and torn along the years
But thereís a comfort in a moment here
Mind alterations, a liquid friend,

Chanced progress into power lines and sky.

Iím not sure if we ever grew up here.

A broken secret over a dirty floor whispers
that perhaps all is not well in the slow land.
But a half hearted embrace shared
helps us forget the moment.

One thing about the Place,
stay long enough
the tar reaches up to suck around your feet.
The hand on the gate is weightless,
chained to the windows,
the front door,
the comfort, the misery in the Same.

This house, this yard like all the others,
Churned with restless feet and glass
Provides a place to fight or fall down laughing
Stuck in place like a photograph
Come, meet us again on the scene that never changes.

We drive our cars
And we move, and we create momentum,
The euphoric loss of grip on the world.
And time slides sideways with us.

But sometimes here a cloud descends, and it lasts for years,
And all you can do is falter
And forget everything
And when you think youíve disappeared itís gone
And you find everything the same as it ever was
Except youíre part of it again.

And sometimes instead there is a frenzy
In the desperate grip,
The vow not to stay, never to return
But it lessons, softens,
And we sink gratefully back to our days.

Do not linger long, stranger
Thereís things you wouldnít see
When you canít separate the thought in your head from the pillow it lies on
Youíll know where you shouldnít have been.

I'm not sure if this is about a real place, or a place in my brain.

choke Posted: Tue Feb 6 06:37:24 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Just re reading now I regret this, it's still awfully fragmented and hard to even get a little bit of understanding of... Might repost later.

addi Posted: Tue Feb 6 07:13:07 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  "A broken secret over a dirty floor whispers
that perhaps all is not well in the slow land.
But a half hearted embrace shared
helps us forget the moment."

Some lovely imagery, choke. I won't pretend to say I understand all of it, but it generates emotions and mental images reading it.
It's just nice to see some origonal poetry being posted again here.

J. Posted: Wed Feb 7 13:41:37 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  

So quiet here todayÖ How about some Italian music, GTers?

Always - Francesco De Gregori
(beautiful video)

Adelante, adelante! - Francesco De Gregori

*I love this song*

Gabri - Vasco Rossi
(Warning: this video is X-rated)

* I love Adriano Celentano *

Confessa - Adriano Celentano

Veronica Verrai - Adriano Celentano
(Good song, but he looks so silly in those Romeo pants)

Mi fa male - Adriano Celentano


* I am lazy and I don't want to start a new thread ... Choke, please don't get mad at me for posting this here.*

addi Posted: Wed Feb 7 14:47:33 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  it must be an aquired taste. Most of these hit me as great background music while you're gazing into the eyes of your love over a bottle of wine.
Perhaps if I knew Italian it would help.
I did like Mi fa male though, and the video to Gabri was...was...inspiring. I was wondering why Rossi seemed so upset as he sang..and then the end of it answered that question. Poor guy...been there myself.

Very sensuous music I must add.

addi Posted: Thu Feb 8 10:43:00 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hif sent me some wonderful latin music. I have a love for latin music with a bossa nova type beat to always transports me to a beautiful place. I burned a cd of the mixed tape mr. maroon did a while back ago of the same type of music and listen to it all the time.
So if any of you know of (or have) a collection of this genre of music please let me know about it. I want more! : )

and I don't want to hijack a poetry keep them coming tiff and everyone.

J. Posted: Thu Feb 8 11:28:46 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
How about a new Latin music thread, Mr. addi?

addi Posted: Thu Feb 8 12:19:11 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  suenos said:
>How about a new Latin music thread, Mr. addi?

I'm too shy



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