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Landmark Education Seminars Tokyo
filia Posted: Tue Mar 20 11:38:47 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Greetings! Nice site we have here, right? Anyway, can we have a separate forum that would discuss of business and career? I have tried this [URL=""]Landmark Education[/url], it offers seminars that help you bring positive improvements to your personal Life or business. Graduates of [URL=""]Landmark Education[/url] report major, positive results in the following areas:
[list][*] The level of their personal productivity.[/list]
[list][*] The quality of their relationships.[/list]
[list][*]The degree to which they enjoy their lives.[/list]
[list][*]The confidence with which they conduct their lives.[/list]
[list][*]The experience of the difference they make.[/list]
I think it would make a new good topic worth reading for, very educational.


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