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EU: 0 - Islam: 10^10
FN Posted: Wed Aug 29 10:46:58 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

FN Posted: Wed Aug 29 10:52:17 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  If you read this keep in mind that there's quite a lot of shit hitting the fan over this and that the major who made the decision is part of the PS (Parti Socialiste), the most corrupt political post-war party Belgium has had which a few years ago had a leaked note which said that "The PS should try and implement the means for as many north africans as possible to get the Belgian nationality as fast as possible due to their inclination to vote socialst".

I'm seriously considering going to the anti-islam rally.

FN Posted: Wed Aug 29 12:27:22 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

Meanwhile, Blood & Honour and Stormfront, 2 neo nazi groups are going to go to the rally anyway even if it is banned.

I wonder where this is going.

Mesh Posted: Wed Aug 29 18:24:17 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Stupid neo-nazis. If they know anything they'll stay away. They'll just discredit anything they involve themselves with.


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