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oh, Fox News
beetlebum Posted: Wed Aug 29 18:06:16 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  the Fox news article:,2933,294953,00.html?sPage=fnc.politics/senate

but that's less interesting than this commentary on the article, which calls out FOX on its biased journalism (you decide for yourself, but i do know that it is standard to consistently identify reps/senators by their party):

innocenceNonus Posted: Wed Aug 29 18:18:14 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  not surprising...

kinda like when all those reports about riots over the cartoons broke out and they reported all those deaths...

reports conveniently forgot to somehow convey that more than not, it was the rioters and protestors that got injured... not random bystanding civilians.


and my favorite?? i remember hearing about a whole lot of militant Muslims... but somehow, i didn't find a lot about this one group of militant Christians that responded by killing Muslims. death counts for either side?? still unsure.

what to do when your information's all a lie and no one's telling you any different? which side to choose?

if only we could go and investigate for ourselves and keep a newsblog of it... unbiased, unadulterated truth. makes me wanna pee just thinking about it.

addi Posted: Wed Aug 29 21:19:34 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  just got through ripping Nox Fews last week in a thread of Christophe's.
I guess decorum dictates that I give it at least another week before I start in again. They provide material every day though so I'm not too concerned about missing my opportunity; they make it so easy.


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