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Lloyd Alexander
Kira Posted: Wed Nov 7 02:29:20 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm not sure if this subject will matter much to anyone. I'm sure a few of you have read his books, but more of you probably haven't.

I just found this out, and I'm so ASHAMED for being oblivious for so long - that Lloyd Alexander, author of the Prydain Chronicles, died this past May. The day after my little brother's birthday, in fact.

I remember checking up on him online last year, because the thought had come to me that I had never written to the authors of any of the books I loved, and if any of them deserved a letter, it was him. And I remember finding out then that he was eighty-two, and thinking, "I guess I'd better hurry." But I never wrote to him.

My mother first read his books aloud to me and my brother when I was eight years old. My brother still remembers parts of the story, even though he was only five when he heard it and never reread them as I did. Those books helped shape me into the person I am today. The hero, Taran, was so good. He was a remarkably plain sort of hero, really, especially when you brought in all his quirky friends. He wasn't really funny, or really cool, and there was nothing really special or amazing about him, except that he was so good. And he so wanted to be good, and not to let his friends down, and not to be selfish or stupid or petty or weak. I could never do as well as he did, but he was such an incredible role model for me, and I'll always remember those books, not only for the bold adventures they contained, but mostly for that hero. And I might never have loved reading and writing so much, had it not been for the Prydain Chronicles.

I know I'll always have the books, and the author will always live in them, but for the time being, the world seems a little darker. Maybe that's because it's two in the morning. Maybe I'm too sentimental.

It just made me sad, especially to find out so late like that. I wish I had written to him. I hope that if any of you have ever been inclined toward young adult, sword-and-sorcery type stories, you will check out the books. They are really worth the read.

innocenceNonus Posted: Wed Nov 7 16:04:17 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I LOOOOVED his books.

and i think i HAVE read that series, except i don't remember them so well as i do some of his other ones...

my favorite being The Arkadians.

it was the first book i had ever read with such a kick-in-the-pants surprised.

Kira Posted: Wed Nov 7 19:20:38 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yeah, for a children's writer he could really give you a shock sometimes. And he always kept me in suspense - I can't remember a single chapter in the Prydain Chronicles that didn't end in a cliffhanger.

Have you read the Westmark trilogy? That was another of my favorites.


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