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I'm not there
mat_j Posted: Fri Nov 9 10:32:48 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm sure some people have known about this for ages (Bel if you read this i'm thinking especially of you!)

This posting goes to the poor bastard in cardiff i keep screaming Allen Ginsberg at ever time i've seen him for the past 3 years.

sweet p Posted: Wed Nov 28 12:05:07 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i saw a trailer for this a long time ago but then never heard about it again. i like bob. i like cate blanchett. it would be interesting to see what she's like as bob.

Mesh Posted: Wed Nov 28 12:19:44 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hwt. A girl plays Bob?

Maybe Clint Eastwood should play Joplin.


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