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George Carlin
Billy Pilgrim Posted: Tue Jun 24 07:18:22 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  RIP to one funny motherfucker!

Ahriman Posted: Tue Jun 24 17:46:18 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  

addi Posted: Wed Jun 25 06:15:26 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  so many good ones are dying off these days.
Nice tribute JQ with the quote, and the youtube video, although I have to add that even though I liked 90% of his routines I saw the one you chose for the home page he's entirely wrong about...and it isn't funny or insighful...but none of us bat a 1000...not even me : )

Kira Posted: Wed Jun 25 09:47:46 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Once I got over the initial shock of seeing a video on the front page, I liked it. :)

Never was all that familiar with George Carlin. I do think I knew he was the 'seven dirty words' guy though.


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