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Top 20 reasons not to move to Dubai
FN Posted: Wed Jul 2 18:18:16 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Was doing some reading on Dubai out of boredom and thought this was interesting:

FN Posted: Wed Jul 2 18:30:16 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  And on a totally unrelated note, what kind of reporting is this:

The photoshopping is one thing, but honestly, the poodle thing?

I wish conservatives would stop amkign such asses out of themselves.

addi Posted: Fri Jul 4 07:49:04 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Read an interesting (and disturbing) article about human trafficing and prostitution recently. Dubai was mentioned as one of the hot spots for luring women in on promises of work and then keeping them there against their will, in many cases it involved underage females forced to be prostitutes. It seems these guys go where they can get away with it and where the demand for their "product" is high, and too often the authorities will be involved or turn a blind eye to the issue...sometimes because they're getting money to do so. And that doesn't even touch on the poor conditions of the foreign workers that live and work there.

I have no desire to visit the place anyway. There's something false and inauthentic about it. The whole allure is the grotesquely large and opulent buildings, with no thought of fitting into the surrounding environment, or the impact it may have on it. It's nothing but show with no substance..."Look at us. We have billions of dollars". So they build an inside ski resort, and charge tens of thousands of dollars a night for a hotel room; all to attract the clueless other wealthy folk to come for a visit. I love architecture, but it has to have historical significance for me. I'd take a day sight seeing in any european city over a week in Dubai anytime.
I'm a big Tiger Woods fan, but it disturbs me that he supports their annual Dubai golf classic and therefore gives respect and credence to Mohammed Maktoum.


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