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Breaking up (Is hard on the CDs)
mat_j Posted: Mon Oct 13 14:55:41 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hello brothers, sisters, hipsters and flipsters, android warriors, Pervy uncles, secret lovers and gay best friends.

A thought occurred to me a moment ago whilst replying to Erika's thread.

It's happened to us all at some point, you break up with someone and then you over-listen to a song that either reflects your mood or pumps you up enough to face a day, thus ruining this song for a while at least.

Know what i'm talking about?

Anyway to the point-

What songs do you find it- A. hard to listen to, B. commemorative of, C. is getting you through- breaking up with a significant other.

Throw shapes not grenades.

Your old pal

Mat xx

mat_j Posted: Mon Oct 13 14:56:39 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yoshimi battles the pink robots by the flaming lips (depsite actually being about cancer) got me through the current one when i needed chilling out.

addi Posted: Mon Oct 13 18:36:33 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Evergreen (Barbra Streisand). Yup...a longgggg time ago.

Blower's Daughter, Damien Rice

Mark Posted: Tue Oct 14 02:48:32 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hard to listen to:
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
Metallica - Unforgiven II

Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer

Getting me through
Cradle of Filth - No time to cry (well it certainly helped to get over my last one...)

libra Posted: Tue Oct 14 03:38:04 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I've never had a break-up. So I don't know. I have whole bunches of good songs that remind me of him and make me smile.

But there was a song that I kept hearing right after we had to put my dog to sleep this summer, and it makes me very sad.

addi Posted: Tue Oct 14 07:39:57 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Had the same thing happen with me, libra. Years back I had to take my dog to the vet to be put down (16 years together). After it was over I went out the back door because I couldn't keep myself together and didn't want to face people. So I get in my car, start it up and the Donna Lewis song "I love you always forever" comes on. To this day every time I hear that song it instantly takes me back to that sad day, and memories of Kolya.

Kira Posted: Tue Oct 14 13:29:33 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Miracle by Vertical Horizon - could not listen to this without weeping for six weeks after I had a falling out with my best male friend.

Colors of the Heart by Uverworld - always pumps me up and makes me feel optimistic, whatever the circumstances.

FN Posted: Tue Oct 14 16:03:19 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'll stick to english ones off the top of my head

A. hard to listen to

Gillian Welch - I Dream A Highway
Counting Crows - Anna begins
K's Choice - Everything For Free
Cowboy Junkies where are you tonight
Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel

B. commemorative

Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into me
Evanescence - My Immortal (haha, yeah, I know, I'm not to blame though)
Champs - Tequila
Orson No Tomorrow
Ella Fitzgerald Fever
John Prine - Girl From The North Country
Brad Paisley - She's Everything

C. is getting you through

Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming
Tom Waits - Anywhere I Lay My Head
Black Sabbath Paranoid (lol)
The Cardigans Erase and Rewind

misszero Posted: Wed Oct 15 08:04:29 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hard to listen to:
all i want is you - u2
shooting star - dylan

all i really wanna do - dylan
everything in its right place - radiohead

gets me through:
colorblind - counting crows (yeah, i like a good wallow....)

to psyche me up:
anything upbeat by the chili peppers or hilltop hoods. (man, i am seriously digging the hilltops. its like they're paying me to plug them on international forums. please, believe me, they're not paying me. if they were, i could probably afford to eat this week. argh)

mat_j Posted: Wed Oct 15 16:15:44 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  You love them hilltop hoods you do!

mat_j Posted: Wed Oct 15 16:17:27 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Also, rather cheesily (hey i was young at the time)

hard to listen to

Aerosmith- Don't wanna miss a thing

U2- with or without out you.

Just don't tell anyone ok

webmaster Posted: Thu Oct 16 00:25:14 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Christophe said:

>Counting Crows - Anna begins

A good and apt song.

"Everytime she sneezes I believe it's love..."

mat_j Posted: Thu Oct 16 04:28:28 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Another cheesy song that gets to me about breaking up (feck you could swear i'm doing this all the time!)

Flogging Molly- If i ever leave this world alive

erikagm Posted: Sun Oct 19 19:01:15 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Songs that get me down:

Ok you will probably not have heard of any of these, since they're all in spanish (none of my ex's speak english) but
-Any- song by Luis Miguel
"Algo Mas" by La Quinta Estacion
"Sexo, pudor y Lagrimas" by Aleks Syntek

And one in English:
"You oughta know" by Alanis Morissette

Songs that got me through a hard breakup:
"I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor
"Si la ves" by Franco de Vita

Songs that make me happy:

Ok, the first one of these is really corny, and if you make fun of me, I'll keel ya!

"Walkin' on sunshine"
"No rain" by Blind Melon

Songs that pump me up:
"I'm only happy when it rains" by Garbage
"When I grow up" by Garbage
"Seether" by Veruca Salt
"Volcano Girls" by Veruca Salt

and oh yeah, any other cool song by chick groups


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