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Mesh Posted: Sat Nov 22 17:57:45 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  What are some bands you've known of for quite a while, but never really were into or gave much thought to, until recently(recently can be loosely defined. Maybe this week. Maybe this year!)

Me, I've recently taken an appreciation for Toto, Steely Dan, Electric Light Orchestra, The Church, America, Al Green, Billy Preston, Derek Trucks amongst others.

On the flip side, some bands that I used to really like that have fallen out of favour with me include Led Zeppelin, CCR, Slayer, Nirvana, Sepultura, Brooks & Dunn(it's hard to part with these fellas, but I've played them too much)Grave, Queen....and others.

FN Posted: Sat Nov 22 19:38:21 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Old Crow Medicine Show
Juliette & the licks
Eliott Brood
The Gun Club
16 Horsepower
The Be Good Tanyas

addi Posted: Sun Nov 23 07:29:56 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wow, Meshie!
You included "The Church". My jaw dropped when I read that. One of my favorite groups.
Going to make me sound old again but I remember when I got to see them live in Minneapolis at a small club, before they got more recognition.
"Constant-in-opal"...and "When You Were Mine", two great songs.

And a plus 1 on ELO, Steely Dan, America, and Al Green.

mat_j Posted: Wed Nov 26 08:00:34 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I've spent a lot of this music year codifying my knowledge of scott walker an artist i have lsitened to for years and loved but only recently have trully got into.

Scott 4 and 3 are both classic albums but i have a place in my heart for scott 2 and Climate of the Hunter too.


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