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devon1967 Posted: Fri Jun 26 21:37:32 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  fuck...this is the 3rd time I have tried to post. My g/f x husband is IRANIAN. She divorced him after 15 years of abuse. In short he hates everyone including me, and no has terminated all visits with her kids and it kills her. Uses he kids as a weopon. I have thought about thowing a quart of muriatic acid in his face, putting a gun or heroin in his house or car then call the cops or set his home ablaze.

addi Posted: Sat Jun 27 08:04:25 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wow. I leave GT for a week and come back to this.

Cherry_Moon Posted: Sun Jun 28 03:40:44 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  cops and investigators generally suspect the people around the victim and then track down what the people post online, txts, phone calls, voicemails. you would be so busted it's not even funny.

Aeon Posted: Tue Jul 21 21:40:01 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hate him all you want but the best revenge is getting his kids to call you dad.

Aeon Posted: Tue Jul 21 21:45:29 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Also why does it matter that he's Iranian? I mean, you made it a point to say it so i wonder if it's a big deal.


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