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September 2010 Updates...aka DBF
antartica Posted: Sat Sep 25 15:37:17 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hey all...

i'm guilty of not being here for a while now... how's about everyone else?

let's just have a quick update as to how everyone's doing? :)

i'm still working for an offshore drilling contractor.
changed roles now, been in safety training for the last 3+ years and started to get mouldy from sitting in the aircon for too many hours a day

so i asked to get back out into the real world.
i'm presently and have been for 3 months now attached to an upgrade project in the shipyard here in Sinny Dingapore. and hoping the project will end veryyyyyy soon... oh... and i'm on nights too...

hopefully after this project get's done i'll be headed out some where else out of the country so i can get some more travelling done again :)

alright then... that's my fruit thrown... who's next :D

Ahriman Posted: Wed Sep 29 01:06:47 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm still kickin'...yeeeep.

ifihadahif Posted: Wed Sep 29 06:57:29 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  And I'm still here as well. Anxiously awaiting election day so I can watch the democrats in congress go down in flames !
Screw all those bastards that blatantly went against the will of their own constituents.

mat_j Posted: Fri Oct 1 09:27:24 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hey brer Ant,

Same old shit different day really, signed a new fillum contract last week though, which was nice.

And now for your entertainment-

Some more British swearing



Ruddy bugger!


By the beard of Sir Christmas and his cloak of green!

kurohyou Posted: Sat Oct 9 04:01:11 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Been a bitch of a summer. For that fact a bitch of a year here are the highlights to this point:


Had a minor melt down when life blew up on me (See below). Took a leave of absence came back and took another one when I wasn't ready. Pulled my shit together nicely and got promoted to FTO (Field Training Officer) and have been through two trainees already. First one is doing well and is my new shift partner. Second one is done tomorrow and time will tell.

My primary shift partner, one of two men I trust behind me with a firearm, got hired by a different agency and left. I'm still bummed. Trust is a fickle thing in this job. My brother who I had also worked with for two years got another job closer to his fiance and left.

I am going to be looking into other agencies soon as I spend $450 a month on fuel to get back and forth to work. Yeah... Ouch.


Wife at the time got a promotion and opted to move everyone 90 Mins from my job to be 5 mins from her new one.

She announced to me that I was not coming with them. Found out she was seeing someone she worked with and decided now was a good time to blow up everyone's lives. So she moved the kids from their school, their neighborhood and their friends for mostly selfish reasons. To be close I moved with them, though too close. (Same complex, 4 buildings away - this will be rectified as soon as the lease is up in May)

Got divorced. Final three weeks ago. Doing okay, occasional moments but they are becoming less and less. Came to the realization the game is not over, its just changed and that I want my life to be something it could never be with her. Authentic.

Very involved with kids in school transition and new life transition. They are doing great actually. My daughter got invited to be a member of the student council after writing an unsolicited and unprompted letter to the principal asking if the school could collect money to help the rainforest's and the homeless. She's the only third grader on the council. Son Unit is playing the trumpet and running the student store. This is his last year in elementary school and is heading to middle school. I feel old.


I rented a cello and am planning to learn to play. Can currently make noise and play the C Major scale pizzacato (Plucking no bow) Working on taking lessons in the next week or so to see if I'm close to getting it right.

Learning to play the guitar. Have stuck with it long enough to have callouses and also to realize the guitar I'm using is a piece of crap and am in need of a better one.

To complete my music adventure I am reading about music theory and realizing the method of music and hear it completely differently.

Learning Russian from our friend breeze. I don't know if its the music or my brain needing something to occupy it but I'm picking it up pretty quickly. Though the conversations consist of very rudimentary, preschool based conversations which are mostly scripted and which if she responds with something I'm not familiar with I revert to my American English statement of "huh?"

Traveled to Quebec in July and realized my life was the size of a postage stamp and now that I have a passport intend on using it.

Feel like I'm coming out of the dark in a sense. Engaging again with life and enjoying it. Even my captain and two of the guys I work with say I've changed.

Like I said, those are the highlights. have one work in progress I'm excited about the prospects for.

For what it's worth...

addi Posted: Wed Oct 13 23:24:48 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Sweet jesus, Kuro. Now that's an update.

Life changes..sometimes small and almost imperceptible and sometimes in huge and heartbreaking ways. I hope the authenticity in you blooms.

Play the cello in russian...that way you kill two birds with one stone.

ifihadahif Posted: Thu Oct 14 19:43:48 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Kuro, it sounds like you're on the way to having a great life. This summer was just a speed bump on the way. A large and meaningful one, but a speed bump nonetheless. Take it from someone who had to suffer two divorces before he finally found true happiness.


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